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May 16, 2007 01:28 PM

Wine Bistro in Studio City

We will all admit that Los Angeles is not a cheap place to dine and when the food, service, wine and atmosphere come together to cap a great dining experience- the tab is going to be high.

Therefore we should assume that restaurants that don't offer much in the way of innovative dishes, atmosphere or progessive wine lists are going to be at the least, less cost-prohibitive.

Not Wine Bistro.

First of all, why name a restaurant "wine bistro" with a unimaginative and brand-driven wine list served in stemware left over from the viking-era? One would think that an establishment with 'wine' in the name is going to take this exalted beverage seriously- not even close.

The pasta we ordered was a clump of cream served in about a 6 or 7 ounce portion- that is, pasta! It was not cheap, either.

I noticed the 'chef' walking around dressed in his civvies chatting with a table next to ours- who were drinking Jordan Cabernet and all parties raving about its quality! Uh, Jordan Cabernet? Pinch me- I must be in Studio City- where there is little knowledge about real wines. The food was way overpriced and the service can only be described as inexperienced and inattentivce- we were offered desert menu's before our entree's even arrived.

Suffice it to say, Wine Bistro in this instance might be renamed "whine Bistro:" but you know what, there's nothing there worth getting excited about. We got clipped for $80 for 2 entree's and 2 glasses of wine and 1 salad. Clearly, one needs to really lessen their expectations if they are even considering 'dining' at Wine Bistro.

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  1. the saddest part? they actually have a new chef and a new menu. it used to be even worse.

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      1. Your presumptions regarding Studio City wine collections, tasters, and sophistication is so far off base as to be laughable. If you only knew of the quantity and quality of its wine drinkers, you would be shocked! As to its brand name list, many of those exist all over the greater LA area, yet maybe their customers prefer martinis. They go there for reasons well beyond the name itself, as in maybe the ambiance, the food, the help, the total package, the value - whatever your reason.
        As to your assessment of Wine Bistro food, the menu is linked below, and with entrees from the high teens to mid-twenties, the place is hardly considered expensive by today's standards. Whether you liked what you ate only you can tell. However, others have been having more enjoyment than you must have, including Larry Lipson who gave it 3.5 stars recently after the arrival of Roelants, the new chef. Your two entrees, maybe $22 or so each, plus two $10 glasses of wine, an $8 salad plus 8.5% tax is around $80, which hardly rates as high these days.
        Yes, the former head chef is now his assistant, and that assistant might have prepared your meal if you went on either Monday or Tuesday.

        I personally am not a great fan of the place, but I likewise find Outtake and Bizou to be rather uninteresting as well, but obviously many others feel differently.

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          not trying to be presumptuous so do not infer what was written not to fault Studio City and its inhabitants. We are talking about a poor quality wine list- poor service and a chef, which I emphasize in quotes, who perhaps might rather be submitting his resume for when Bob Barker passes on.

          Maybe if the chef were in the kitchen, there would be better quality food and the waitress would not have tried serving us dessert prior to recieving our entrees.

          I don't know who Larry Lipson is but one doesn't need to be a michelin-starred garde manger to realize shoddy food and wine in lieu of high prices.