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May 16, 2007 01:20 PM

Greek food in Portland

Ever since Christophers left Portland many years ago there has been a serious lack of Greek food in Portland. I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on the Greek Corner and Acropolis? I've seen Greek Corners abitious menu online, not entirely Greek at all, but can not find much info. on Acropolis. Also, does any one have any info. on the new Greek restaurant (Emilitsa) going up at 545 congress?

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  1. Acropolis is fantastic! I've gone about five times in two months and have had a different dish each time and have loved everything.

    1. We went to Acropolis last night, after hearing rave reviews. The appetizers were excellent, but the main courses we sampled were merely average. I liked my psari plaki, although the fish was overcooked. My husband's souvlaki was basically grilled meat with no noticeable marinade, and my daughter said, "you make better spanikopita." I was also disappointed that Greek potatoes weren't a side dish option, and vegetables weren't served with the main courses, although the zucchini on the appetizer plate was awesome. Also, they were very busy, and the service was spotty. I have to say I was disappointed, and will have to resume getting my Greek fix in bigger cities.

      1. I actually stopped by Emilitsa recently to see when they were going to be open. A construction worker told me that he thought it would be open by the end of July. He also said that they are using mostly organic and natural ingredients. It is going to be all Greek food, including the wines. From what I saw they had a beautiful marble bar in the lounge area.

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          Any idea who's running/ owning Emilitsa? It would be great if they did open at the end of the month. Sounds like a great plan to use organic ingrediants and have a fully greek menu.

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            I know this is a ridiculously old thread, but I just wanted to say I'm from Minneapolis and my Uncle's Demo and John Regas are opening the restaurant. You guys are in for a treat, they are AMAZING chefs!

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              Where? I miss greek food that I had available when I lived in Minneapolis. There's no place in Vermont with good greek food. *sigh* (at least none I've managed to find anyway)

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                You could always grab a gyro on Church St. or at the Greek Festival at the Orthodox Church in Burlington. They're not that bad, something to hold you over until you get the good stuff.

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                  Where on Church street? The only place I've had that's even close is Ali Kabobs but that's not especially good. I also don't really consider it worth all the effort to find parking near Church street to have a meal somewhere on or near it. We only get into Burlington a few times a month, at most, and we aren't usually going anywhere near downtown, so that means a special trip. Since it is always on a Saturday that we're up there, and there's nearly always SOMETHING happening on Church street that makes it crazy/crowded/hard to find parking, we don't go there much when we're up. :) It'd have to be some nice Greek food to get me to go there. :D

                  I can't stand going to the Greek orthodox church during their celebrations, it's... well to be honest, I'm a bit of a hermit and big crowds really get to me. :) I'm a wuss, I admit it. :)

                  Had some really good Greek food in Lake Placid a few years ago. We went there specifically 'cos they had a Greek place. :)

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                    The cart is located across from Leunigs. $6 got you a gyro. Cheaper than the Orthodox and better but still just what it is, average and holds you over until you find the real deal. The Greek Festival in Burlington is nothing like the three day fest in Portland. They shut down a street block in June for a food festival with more to offer than the standard, gyro and souvlaki. You should seek it out.

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                      Sounds great! I'll look into it, thanks!

        2. Where is Emilitsa located?
          I'd have to agree with the "average" comment on Acropolos- although in all fairness my only visit was during their 2nd week of operation. I'm glad to hear they're busy- will give them time to improve.

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            Emilitsa will be at 545 Congress.... obviously right by 555. Looks like it could be a good area for food.

          2. I've eaten at Greek Corner only once, and while I and the couple we were with had great meals, my husband was the only one who ate the shish kebab and suffered terrible GI distress afterwards. Needless to say we haven't been back.