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May 16, 2007 01:02 PM

3 days/2 nights in Vancouver -- you can help!

Here's my plan -- I assume I'll do SOME shopping and sightseeing, but really, this is mostly about eating .. :) :)

Arrive Saturday afternoon.

Saturday --- Snacks at Salt in Gastown; Dinner at Chambar.

I need a recommendation for a place for cocktails and hopefully dancing afterward -- somewhere geared towards folks older than college (think Vegas, not Cozumel). Thoughts?

Sunday -- Dim Sum at Sun Sui Wah; Dinner at Vij's

Monday -- Breakfast at Caffe Artigiano; leave at noon.

I know West is fantabulous, but we are Portlanders, and prefer to save our fancy-schmancy eating for trips to New York, S.F. and and Vegas.


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  1. being one of those folks older than collage...i'm not sure there is a place to dance in vancouver anymore :(

    get to vij's well before 5:30 unless you are willing to wait, i was in vancouver this past weekend, we arrived at 6 and it must have been a mad rush! by then it was a minumum 2 hour wait! you may want to consider parkside as a back-up plan - that's where we ended up and it was a most enjoyable meal as always.

    you may also want to consider kirin for chinese as well - they make everything from scratch and just recently won top place in Vancouver magazine's restaurant awards.

    cocktails after dinner...i'm at a bit of a loss on that one - we went to chill winston this past weekend for drinks, but it was really expensive, not a bad room though. George is a great bar if you can get in, it's in yaletown and there are a number of other lounges and such around there too.

    i know it's supposed to be about the food but try and shop on main st south of broadway - great independent shops with local and canadian designers, i found way too many treasures.... :)

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    1. re: pants

      That's where I LIVE!!!!!
      There is an awesome bistro there called Aurora. Try it next time you are out :)

        1. re: Sam Salmon

          federico supper club? it always looks like a wedding in there....

          1. re: Sam Salmon

            Federicos is a fun place to go dancing. Definately like Las Vegas. Kind of cheesy, totally funny in a kitchy kind of way but entertaining. I don't remember the meal the last time I ate there which must mean the food is okay but not great and not terrible.

      1. What does being from Portland have to do with not choosing West?

        Big of the best restaurants in North America. West is far superior to any of the restaurants I have enjoyed in the cities you listed, as well as any of those I have enjoyed in your hometown.

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        1. re: GroovinGourmet

          Absolutely agree with you on this one. We changed flights coming back from Whistler so we could stay in Vancouver JUST so we could have my girlfriends birthday dinner at West and wow was it worth it.

          1. re: Spiritchaser

            i'll dissent mildly...went to West a couple months ago...while there was a lot to recommend there: nice wines, flawless service, etc., i actually sent back my entree (the halibut) because i thought it was terrible: actually, i didn't send it back: the waitress noticed that i didn't seem to be taken with it when i had my first couple bites and she offered to take it back, and while i was considering this, the manager rushed over and *insisted* that they bring me something else since they want every customer to love every single dish...a great attitude of perfection, but the fact remains that i thought the dish was mushy and overly rich and bland...the substituted dish, sablefish, was ok, but absurdly overpriced at 38 dollars and weaker than the sablefish i'd had the week before in Seattle at Matt's In the Market...granted, there were plenty of hihglights: my gf loved her squab entree, and my lobster salad starter was yummy (albeit a little bit too tiny)...the sommelier was great...

            Just my preference, but i found the food at West too fussy for my taste...

            One restaurant that i did love unconditionally on the same trip was Boneta...if the OP decides the wait at Vij's is too long or can squeeze in an extra dinner somehow, Boneta rocks...far and away the best meal i've had in Vancouver (and on the same trip we had many greats meals: Chambar, Salt, Chill Winston, etc)...

            1. re: Simon

              Thinking about the OP's itinerary: i did really love Chambar too, but given the limited time and assuming the OP keeps all the same places, personally i'd do Salt, followed by Boneta, then get cocktails at Chambar...i loved the food we had at Chambar, but Boneta was even better and Chambar is also a lovely place for some after dinner drinks...

              1. re: Simon

                You are wrong about WEST. I figure I would cut to the chase because my more polished response was deleted by the Chow police for whatever reason. I guess some people are allowed opinions and others are not.

                1. re: Spiritchaser

                  well you didn't eat the same two pieces of fish that i did, one of which was bad, the other of which was merely ok and overpriced. Like i said, i found many other parts of the West experience (my gf's entree, the service, sommelier) to be lovely, but overall the place was not to my personal preference given their back-to-back failures on my two entrees and a general fussiness of the menu (like they are trying too hard). This is an opinion forum: stating that someone is "wrong" misses the point entirely.

          2. Your choice of restaurants for this trip is AMAZING. Can I join in?? LOL!

            Ok, I've heard Sandbar is good for drinks, small dance floor and not catered to the teens. Good martinis. Good for ppl watching as well. A new place I'd recommend for drinks (no dancing though) is Goldfish located in Yaletown, nice room and they are new so would be neat for you to check out. Have FUN!!!

            1. I also think Kirin is a great option of dim sum to consider. Fresh, good service (at least, at the Cambie/12th one) a bit of a twist on the usual.

              I know it's not fair to throw all these restaurant options at you... there's only so many places you can hit on a weekend! However, if you like game, Parkside is having their Game and Wild Mushroom festival Oct 19-Nov 10.

              For cocktails...
              Chill Winston does has a nice room and interesting drinks and would be conveniently close to Chambar. Chambar itself has a really nice drink list.
              There's Ginger Sixty Two bar... it's more loungy, nice atmosphere. I've only ever gone relatively early, though, and I've heard there can be a problem with lineups later in the evening.

              Unfortunately,Vancouver clubs have this bad habit of holding long lineups outside even though inside the club is fairly empty. The wait can be pretty frustrating.

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              1. re: twinkienic

                "Unfortunately,Vancouver clubs have this bad habit of holding long lineups outside even though inside the club is fairly empty. The wait can be pretty frustrating."

                Keep an extra $20 in your pocket. It works wonders for the bouncers at times like these. $20 is instant line-be-gone.

              2. don't know about dancing, but for dinner I think Seasons at Queen Elizabeth Park is one of the best restaurants in town, I would definitely go there before Chambar.