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western suburbs - outdoor patio dining/drinking??

hi all,

nice weather permitting, i'm organising a snacking happy hour with my colleagues for friday, and we want to go somewhere with an outdoor deck to bask in the spring twilight. must-haves are fabulous & creative appetizers. microbrews a plus. we are looking for a location somewhere in the KoP / wayne / paoli triangle. any ideas?


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  1. 333 Belrose in Radnor is one - pretty upscale.
    The Boathouse in malvern is another - they have a good beer selection

    Its funny you bring this up though - I was thinking the exact thing last Friday when it was beautiful out - and I was lamenting of the LACK of outdoor bar venues in the area - which is why i came up with the paltry list above.

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      I don't know what went wrong, but my post didn't get on.
      I agreed with the previous poster about 333 Belrose Lane in Radnor. They have lovely outdoor dining but it is very popular. You really have to make your reservation early.
      Also, if it isn't too far, Roux 3 on Route 3 in Edgemont has a really upscale, New York looking place with pretty outdoors and eclectic menu.

    2. What aboutT aquet in Wayne, it is always fun to eat on their porch-
      not sure about the microbrews, though

      1. great hotel nearby with great deck and some events throughout the summer. The Desmond.

        1. nectar in berwyn has nice outdoor seating.

          1. wow, there are more places than i initially thought! thanks for the recs all! i think we are going with the desmond rec for tonight, but over the summer i plan on working my way through all of these. thanks!

            1. The patio at Coyote Crossing might be good. Not sure how fabulous the munchies are, but the atmosphere is nice.

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                I believe that Coyote Crossing does not allow just drinks and apps on the patio. You have to order a meal.

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                  You're right about the ordering meal issue; at least in Conshy. Might suggest the rooftop of the Coyote Crossing in West Chester. Wonderful view in summer.

              2. McKenzie Brewhouse in Malvern has a nice deck, and good microbrews. Not sure about the appetizers, I've only had salads there, but they were good. "Friendly hour" 4-6pm!

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                  reviving an old thread to see what everyone else in the area did with their summers and specifically dining al fresca? wish i'd had an opportunity to try more places.

                  we did the desmond, and my group seems to like that place plenty but i don't. i can't put my finger on why either. the deck is nice and the garden is pretty. i maybe didn't like how the layout sorta makes you friendly with other groups. service is great there. food has never been good at all. we've actually done a few events here since, though - my group seems to like this place and it is a convenient commute for most of them.

                  we also checked out mckenzie's which i was very happy with! unfortunately it was a nasty humid day so we ended up indoors. for that area, that is officially my favorite gastro pub. will be back for the patio. my group LOVED their hot wings (as in would not stop ordering them).

                  taquet's done a nice job for us before but cleans out the pockets a little too thoroughly. i stick to them when we are expensing the tab.

                  the place i regret not visiting yet: 333 belrose lane. my colleagues claim it is too far east for them (grr, i am the only one with an eastbound commute).

                  outdoor dining aside, as far as coordinating large events goes, i've also got to give props to kildare's in KoP. the food is nothing to write home about, but they have handled my groups of sizes varying from 15 to 60 flawlessly. they always provide as many dedicated servers and bartenders as i request when i book their upstairs, and they will keep other private parties out of the way if i specify that as well. they also went out of their way to special-order and pick up a cake with a photo of a face screened on to it for us (long story).

                  misc KoP update: i ended up at champp's (against my will) for a happy hour/pre-movie dinner and if i'm ever in that same situation again i'd prefer someone slip a lethal amount of tranqs into my food, thanks. if this place is ever recommended on this board i will call shenanigans. service - bad, waitress was continuously MIA and reeked of fresh cigarette each time we had to get another server to track her down (3X). food - quite possibly the worst meal of my life. drinks - not strong enough to swallow it all.

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                    Totally agree with you on Champps. Ugh. Makes the McDonald's drive through look appealing.

                    Couple other ideas pre-movie for you to try- Bahama Breeze has a nice outdoor area and the food and apps are pretty good. Beats Champps anyway.

                    Brasserie 73 in Skippack has a really nice outdoor area, good food. Not sure about their beer selection.

                    If it's brew you're looking for, how about Sly Fox in Phoenixville? They have a nice outdoor seating patio, great food and GREAT beer.

                    Another option closer to the Desmond in Great Valley would be Cedar Hollow Inn (http://www.cedarhollowinn.com/) which if I remember has an outdoor seating area and an enclosed porch.

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                      I'd disagree about the food at Sly Fox, although I've heard the beer is good.
                      If coming to Phoenixville you now have three choices, although one is a byo - Black Lab Bistro. There's also Iron Hill Brewery that has outdoor seating and the newly opened (their big opening is this Saturday) Molly Maguires does as well.