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May 16, 2007 12:46 PM

The best cheese fries

Anyone have suggestions for the best places in New York City (especially Manhattan) to get great cheese fries?

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  1. Have you tried them at Coffee Shop on Union Square West? They're slender fries with addictive cheese sauce and herbs.

    PS: this is the Manhattan board--try the Outer Boroughs board for other places.

    1. Love the Coffee Shop fries and the fries at Extra Virgin are also addictive - but with a caveat, they come with melted cheese on the side instead of on top.

      1. love this question!

        i know it seems like a cop-out and will probably bring out tons of people telling me that it's overrated, or not worth the wait, or both, but the cheese fries at the shake shack are really good. i think my favorite. the fries themselves are just ok, but i love their cheese sauce.

        the frites place on 2nd street in the EV does cheese fries that are pretty respectable.

        sometimes i like the cheez nastiness of the waffle cheese fries at atomic wings.

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        1. I like the ones from the nathan's chain when fried fresh.

          1. I miss the disco fries at Diner 24....