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May 16, 2007 12:44 PM

Chelsea recs?

Hi y'all, we'll be in Manhattan for my bf's birthday June 15-17. We're staying in Chelsea at W 24th and 6th Ave.

We're not morning people, so we can probably figure out b'fast with a coffee place and bagels or something like that. Unless there's something spectacular close by.

We went to Balthazar in Soho when we were in town last month and loved it.

We're trying to stick to less "super" touristy areas, no Little Italy, Chinatown, Times Square, etc. That's why we're staying in Chelsea. We'd like to explore that area alot. BF also wants to explore Greenwich Village. Any other suggestions?

We like ethnic food...not Mexican probably, as we recently moved to VA from Phoenix, and we can get plenty of good Mex when we're in Phx. We like pretty much all Asian, Indian, African, etc., and we're open to other things.

What can you tell me about Tia Pol for tapas.

We also love BYOB, any good suggestions for that?

We'll take recs for lunch, dinner and must try snacks! We both love dessert and it's always fun to walk from dinner to the next place for dessert and drinks.

We're looking for places that won't be over run with tourists. We're willing to spend $100 to $150 for dinner with drinks, but I'd prefer not to and spread the wealth around for the other meals.

Thanks so much in advance for your help.

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  1. Bottino's in west chelsea is pretty good for italian/continental type fare and is one of the centers of the art universe, not many tourists if any in sight. Also on the 10th avenue strip of west chelsea is the Red Cat which is one of the older very good standbys in the area, and also try Trestle on Tenth for swiss/continental fare and a great wine list. On Ninth avenue is Bombay Talkie for pretty good if not above average Indian food. FoodShop gets alot of press and was rather Hot when it opened, but I wasn't impressed. All the above are in your price range and pretty good place I would take guests.

    1. Some of my favorites in Chelsea and W Vill:
      Belgian: Cafe de Bruxelles, Petite Abeille
      Italian: Crispo, Po, Lupa, Otto, 'ino
      American/other: Cornelia St. Cafe, Westville, Red Cat, Maroons

      Chelsea Market is a fun stop for a quick lunch or breakfast. Other breakfast ideas: La Bergamote for croissants, and Murray's for bagels.

      For desserts, there are a few traditional-style shops around Chelsea--Billy's, Amy's, and Little Pie Company. Rocco's in the W Vill is good for Italian pastries.

      BYOB: Tartine (have only tried for brunch) and AOC Bedford (I think it may only be on certain days, though)

      1. One of my favorites is right on 24th (b/w 5th & 6th) but closer to 6th called SAPA. Asian fusion, but great space and awesome food. They have a good happy hour daily til 7:30. Go on Sunday and they have 4-5 entrees for $15 in addition to their regular menu.

        Sala 19 - Tapas
        Flatiron Lounge - drinks
        Le Gigot - French bistro (Greenwich Village)
        Palma - Mediterranean (Greenwich Village)
        Philip Marie - brunch in Greenwich Village. From here you can walk along Bleecker and stop in for Magnolia's banana pudding or continue to Rocco's for a cannoli and espresso.
        Cafe Henri is a cute (really small) french lunch spot for good sandwiches and crepes. I forget where it is, we found it by wandering.

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        1. re: FIFO22

          I'm so excited about all of your suggestions!

          I've heard of Tartine and looked it up and it doesn't seem "wow". I'll do more research, and I'll look into AOC Bedford for BYOB.

          I've heard that Red Cat isn't as good as it used to, but I just saw that the woman who owns Red Cat just teamed up with...oh, who was it...for a new place...Oh oh oh!! It's Harold Dieterle from Top Chef on Bravo. The name of the place is Perilla in the West Village. What's the scoop on Red Cat?

          I'll definitely do more research on your suggestions. Thanks so much!! And keep 'em coming!

          1. re: geg5150

            Red Cat is solid. I've never thought it was outstanding, but it's always been solid and I've always left happy.

        2. There are already a lot of great suggestions so I will just add a few for your consideration:

          If you plan to do brunch, I love the brunch at Cookshop. Some hounds did not like their dinners, but everytime I went there, I fully enjoyed my meals. They also have an extensive wine list. But the brunch excels in everyway.

          I really like Tia Pol, and while there are a few misses, most of the dishes are delicious. You do need to go early, cuz the wait gets insane after 7pm.

          There is also a gelato store L'Arte Del Gelato at Cheslea market which got some great reviews from other hounds.

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            Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for the gelato recommendation. After our vacation in Italy a week ago, we're sorely missing our thrice daily diet of delicious gelati!!!

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              Agree with Tia Pol. I had it after my trip in Spain and it brought back good memories. They make a delicious white sangria with peaches. 3 of us ate comfortably for under 100 with 2 pitchers of sangria. We just did tapas though, and no entrees. We were lucky and missed the crowd. Right after we were seated, the people waiting were still waiting when we left.

              Maroon's on 16th is a great place for southern and jamaica food. Jerk chicken OR fried chicken. Both were equally delicious! and their yuca balls for an appetizer. Would reccommend a reservation just in case.

            2. As a long time Chelsea resident, I concur with many of the above rec's; especially Murray's Bagels (6th Ave & 13th) and Le Bergamote (9th Ave & 20th). In addition, we love Le Zie 2000 for Italian (7th Ave & 20st) & O'mai for Vietnamese (9th Ave & 18th). While I also recommend Red Cat and Foodshop, both are rather difficult to get reservations for, though they are both worth a shot. If you looking for something a little bit more adventurous, you may want to try Crispo for terrific northern Italian (14th & 8th) or Maremma (10th & Bleeker) for what can best be described as spaghetti western. Both are very good.