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Great breakfast/brunch in Times Square/midtown?

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I have family visiting me from out-of-town on Saturday.

Can anyone recommend a great place to get a standard (or maybe a little bit experimental) American breakfast in the Times Square area? The bus would probably be arriving later, like 10:30 or so. So I don't want a place that stops serving breakfast food at ten a.m.

(I remember one place -- maybe Italian?-- on Eighth Avenue in the Forties that served smoked salmon with eggs. Are they still in business?)

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. You may be thinking of Pigalle, a French brasserie, on 8th Av., near 48th St.


    However, smoked salmon with eggs is served at quite a few restaurants in that area. Here are three which, in my view, have better food overall than Pigalle:

    Marseille - http://www.marseillenyc.com Note: A sister restaurant to Pigalle
    Le Madeleine - http://www.lemadeleine.com
    Roberto Passon - http://www.robertopasson.com

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          Norma's looked awesome but I checked the reservation website and they don't appear to have anything available when we would want to have brunch.

          That'll probably be our choice for the next time.


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          Pigalle looks pretty good and more within my price range.

          Many thanks, RGR!

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            Thanks to everyone who so kindly replied!

          2. Blue Fin does a really nice brunch that is surprisingly affordable (includes coffee and a mimosa) The french toast is really good!