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May 16, 2007 12:10 PM

nyc bday dinner

there will be 4 of us for a bday dinner in june.
we were going to go to Per Se, but decided to do the French Laundry in August instead.
i have been to blue hill and LOVED it.
so, as of now, we are deciding between blue hill (alhough i'd love to try somewhere new), babbo & daniel.
what would you recommend?
other suggestions are more than welcome.
keep in mind: we are from SF and love fresh, seasonal food. i don't eat seafood, so anywhere seafood-focused is out. budget is not a big concern.

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  1. Eleven Madison Park over Per Se any night of the week. Food and wine are exquisite and service better with less pretense.

    Babbo is really great. If you haven't already, its wonderful.

    My underdog in town is Hearth. The food is absolutely magnificent, great wine list and exceptional service. The appetizers were so good, that my group ordered a second round of apps!!

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    1. re: winebitch

      I would say Babbo is my first choice too, but Hearth is great. They just opened a new resturant (I want to say in the 50s on the West side, but the name escapes me).

        1. re: RGR

          Yes - thanks! How is it? Have you been yet?

          1. re: rdflig

            Not yet. It is on my "go to" list, but we tend to be in that area on Sundays and, unfortunately, Insieme is closed on Sunday. :-( However, no doubt, at some point, we'll be in the area during the week. We may even make a special trip to try it.

    2. i've been to daniel and babbo. babbo is amazing.
      daniel, i just wasn't that impressed. it is grand and outstanding, but the food did not make me melt. babbo's food did!

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      1. re: ceeceee

        Del Posto is a great Italian place, but pricey

        1. re: mah626

          babbo would be my first choice. second choice would be mas. they have great fresh food and a wonderful wine list

      2. Eleven Madison Park or Gramercy Tavern... or Tocqueville. all would treat you very well on your birthday...

        I went to Beacon for my birthday, and had a very special evening and fabulous food and wine! (25 West 56th Street)