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May 16, 2007 11:57 AM

Going to Flagler Beach FL -

I'm headed to Flagler Beach FL and have never been there before. can someone recommend a few places- ranging from nice/fine dining to awesome hole in the wall? i'm willing to travel to surrounding areas if needed.

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  1. most people rec Blue in the Topaz Hotel for more upscale. there was a review not too long ago on that and another place -- search the florida board for flagler beach:

    i've never eaten at either so can't personally rec.

    i ate at Snack Jacks once -- seemed to hang off the side of the road right over the beach, filled with surfers - it was between flagler and ormond....very very casual, very busy and fun atmosphere - but the food wasn't all that. (i had fried shrimp and it was overcooked. i'm very picky about my fried shrimp and to overcook it is just the worst


    we also stopped at another place last november that looked promising - it was also packed, more upscale than snack jacks yet still casual and the food looked great - we only stopped for a drink and didn't eat.

    there are some upscale places south of flagler beach (palm coast) in the ocean hammock resort.

    as someone who used to drive along A1A between St Augustine and Daytona quite a bit back in the day, i'm amazed at just how many places have popped up now - it used to be a whole lot of just sea oats and sand dunes. palm coast and ocean hammock are bringing in the businesses i guess.

    ah, progress.

    1. We went a few months ago and the best place we found was Flagler Fish Company. Best lobster bisque I've ever had. Its a fish market and the chef and staff know thier stuff. I had fish tacos and they were fresh, flavorful and filling. The desserts were very good as well.

      I would skip Manny's (A-1a in Flagler), or only go for breakfast. Great atmosphere w/ lots of locals, but the food was mediocre.

      I think if you check the boards, Blue (in Topaz hotel), is really popular . The seafood dishes were fresh and good, the soup and apps great, and the service friendly if not perfect. Good wine list. We thought it was a bit over-priced, but if you get a view of A1A and the ocean it was worth it.

      Beachcomber- (St. Augustine Beach) - our favorite place for breakfast... amazing pancakes.They stop serving breakfast at 10:30 so go early.

      1. Go to European Village Resort in Palm Coast (mainland just under the Palm Coast Parkway toll bridge) and hit Barbara Jean's. AMAZING fried chicken, other down-home food in a nice atmosphere.
        Map, other info here:

        There are some more upscale places at EV, and a cafe or two, but don't miss BJ's.