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May 16, 2007 11:53 AM

Kosher Organic Beef

Does anyone know of any supermarket in Queens/5towns area that sells kosher organic beef? (Brooklyn would also be ok) but our family doesn't use lubavitch shechita so it would have to
be some other hechsher.

thanks in advance

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  1. You should try calling the stores closest to you listed here: http://www.wiseorganicpastures.com/ca...

    PS What iyo is the issue with lubavitch shechita?

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      100% organic may not be available except with Lubavitch (and I know many people have objections to the meshichist movement), but there is grass fed range beef imported from SOuth AMerica with Satmar or Nirbator shechita, and I believe that it is available in Brooklyn. I would call Meal Mart headquarters in Queens and ask if they are distributing any organic beef, and where it is sold. They are more or less the only non-Lubavitch shechita left (most of the others use Lubavitcher shochtim regardless of who the official supervision is).

    2. You could try calling Simcha Valley 1-866-887-7633 they ship all over, I think it is a small shechita in Florida that is not chabad-y

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        Anyone know anything more about Simcha Valley?

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          According to the whois on their domain at natural-glatt-kosher-beef.com the domain is registered to some in Houghton Lake, MI

        1. Solomon's, the company that has kosher buffalo meat also now has a a line of "organic" beef. I have seen it in Fairway and Gourmet Glatt in Cedarhurst.


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            Thanks Everyone! I'll try these leads and let you know if I was successful.

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              Hey Koshergirl,

              I'm up in the Bronx, with the same conundrum... any luck?

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                Any ideas where Solomon's Buffalo Meat is available on our side of the Hudson, in NJ?


            2. Costco has some organic kosher on its web site. It's breathtakingly expensive though.

              You might call Trader Joe's. They usually have organic Empire chicken so they might have organic beef in some locations.

              I just looked it up on Costco.com: $89.99 for a 3.5 lb. beef rib roast. Well it does include the shipping but at that price I expect it to babysit while I make dinner.

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