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May 16, 2007 11:43 AM

22 people for lunch/brunch - MANHATTAN?

family coming in - we're doing family style italian for dinner. any ideas of places that can accommodate this many?


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  1. landmarc time warner center.
    lupa, back room.
    inoteca, downstairs.
    insieme, (i think they open their private room on the 1st of june)

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    1. Carmine's

      Not sure about time square but UWS can defintely accommodate. And the portions are plentiful

      1. Hi, a couple of questions that may help to narrow down the choices:

        is there a budget limit per person?
        Does location matter?
        Does it have to kid-friendly? Adventurous diners?
        Ambiance matters? (quiet vs loud, upscale vs neigborhood place)
        Lastly, when you said family-styled Italian, do you mean big plates to share? Or is it ok to do prix-fix / a la carte per person?