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May 16, 2007 11:37 AM

Where to find grocery’s in financial distinct

I have a friend who is moving near the intersection of Maiden Lane and Nassau Street (next to the federal reserve). I have never seen any grocery stores around. Does anybody know where the closest ones are that are not the deli type? And does anybody know of the closest gourmet grocery stores? Would be excellent if these are walking distance, but whatever.


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  1. There isn't much -- which is why it's inconvenient to live there!

    There is a gourmet food market on John Street. I seem to recall that on Fulton Street (near Water) there used to be a supermarket. There might be supermarket options in Battery Park City.

    1. There's Jubilee Market on John Street a bit south of William and there's Zaytuna Market on William between John and Maiden. Both large, gourmet groceries that are fairly expensive. I prefer Zaytuna.

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        I lived downtown before we even had Zeytuna (get the 10% discount card) & Jubilee. Jubilee is open 24 hours and is the most expensive market in the neighborhood. For "staples" (nothing gourmet) Associated and CTown (near Bridge/projects). There is also a Pathmark under the Manhattan Bridge if you have a car. Fairway in Red Hook is a great option, best nights to go are middle of week after 6PM. If you don't have a car, the Water Taxi goes there (and I think you can still get discounts). Personally, I leave the neighborhood to shop except for staples like organic milk, etc. I like Essex Street Market and Economy Candy (nuts & dried fruits). Even the wine shops downtown are not great (overpriced). I still go to Warehouse Wines near Astor and they DO deliver. Union Square Green Market is only one subway stop. Chinatown (fresh and cheap!) and Little Italy are right here! There is also a Trader Joe's near Union Square (one stop). The closest Whole Foods to fin. district opened on Houston.

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          My favorite wine store in the neighborhood is Pasanella and Sons, right beside the Paris, near the corner of Peck Slip and South Street. Great folks, good < $20 selection (although for $ nothing beats Warehouse Wines). And did I say great folks? :)

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            Thanks, bokkyo I almost forgot my neighbors, Pasanella. They hold events and have a charming back room. Famous Wines is another option and my neighbors swear by the Green Grape.

      2. They can get all their French pastries at Financier. Yum!

        1. In the 99 John Building there's Jubilee, a full service grocery store with fresh meat and fish, as well as a lunchtime deli. Prices are pretty reasonable for Manhattan. On the corner of John and William is Zeytuna, which is also a full service grocery store (I like their produce better than Jubilee) as well as a restaurant. Zeytuna's takeout is more extensive, as well.

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          1. re: ChefJune

            I respectfully disagree. Both places are overpriced. Zeytuna's produce is better!

            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              <Zeytuna's produce is better!> That's what I said!

              imho, most Manhattan grocery stores are overpriced. I don't find these to be a whole lot worse.

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                Apologies if I was unclear, I was agreeing with your produce comment! I prefer Union Square for produce (you need to plan ahead a little) or Chinatown. It's where many of the top restaurants shop for produce, why should we settle for less? I see alot of Fresh Direct trucks.

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              Zeytuna, for sure. Jubilee falls flat compared to it.