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May 16, 2007 11:35 AM

New Breakfast Place?

Breakfast hound, always looking for a new one. Have done Petunia's, Panola, Refuel, Bluebird, Oak Street, Slim Goody's, La Peniche, Betsy's, Elizabeth's...any suggestions?

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  1. Check out Surrey's on Magazine Street. Quite a refreshing change from the greasy spoons.

    1. Try a vietnamese breakfast at Pho Tau Bay (opens at 9 am except Sun & Thurs)....extra large bowl of pho tai bo vien, better than french toast any day.

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      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        In reading posts the last couple of days, you seem to be in the know on NOLA eats, so I thought I'd ask you about a good Vietnamese lunch spot. I plan to eat at Acme, Galatoires, Commander's Palace, and will build in maybe Brightsens, Stella or another new, never-tried spot, but my husband loooves Viet/Thai food, so to make him happy, I thought I'd see if you had any suggestions...

      2. Thanks...I've heard of Surrey's, but never been, and I've never had anything even vaguely like Vietnamese breakfast!

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          Westbank: Pho Tau Bay (friendliest people & family-run; I want to be adopted by those guys), Tan Dinh (good quail), Nine Roses (esp for seafood & beef 7 ways), Pho Dahn 7 inside the Hong Kong Market (very good pho, nice selection of herbs on the side which always includes rau ram)
          Uptown: Jazzmine Cafe (in Riverbend right near Camellia Grill)
          Mid-City: Cafe Minh (see recent Gambit review at, Doson's Noodle House (haven't been since it opened in this location


          NO East has an entire world of viet shops & restaurants centered around Mary Queen of Vietnam church (which has the best church fair in NOLA, food-wise), including the always-fun Dong Phuong Bakery for great french bread and a wide selection of pastries and meat pies.

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            I am still so bummed that Pho Tau Bay hasn't come back to its spot by Charity/Tulane. There are hundreds of employees and visitors who could fill the place. There's such a poor supply of food around that area and PTB was so good before the storm.

            In fact, right after the storm, when we saw the damage, friends and I should shout "B9" (our favorite) when we lamented the loss and were suffering from a bad meal.

            1. re: Tututulane

              Yeah, I live in fear that the family will pack it in at the W'Bank location, too. Mama's sister runs a PTB in Houston, one daughter lives in Dallas, and nobody's getting any younger. So I go as often as I can!

              1. re: Tututulane

                Ba Mien on Chef Highway is fantastic.

          2. Yes, Surrey's is great. Also try out Savvy Gourmet for brunch on Sundays. Magazine Street Po-Boy has a really cheap breakfast, but not so great. Joey K's breakfast is also really good and cheap.

            1. Stanley's food is really good although service is sometimes slow.