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May 16, 2007 11:18 AM

Vij's- then what??

We're taking our 22 year old son to Vancouver for 3 nights.
He's a chef a the WaterStreet Cafe in Olympia, Wa. His new interest is charcuterie so Salt House is a must!
We haven't been to Vancouver in a few years. What other, relatively casual, innovative (not seafood) restaurants would you suggest?

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  1. Aurora Bistro on Main Street. Innovative, local ingredients, really good food, nice atmosphere (relatively casual).

    1. Crave on Main and 24th is really good. Great food & service at a reasonable price. They don't take reservations so go early. Jules in Gastown is really good as well.

      1. I've said it before, i'll say it again - parkside!! i was in vancouver last weekend and when there was a minimum 2 hour wait at vij's (be warned) we got a last minute reservation at parkside - the drinks, food and service were delightful!!

        Aurora is good too.

        1. Good choices--Salt and Vij's are both great spots. Do get to Vij's early early early, or very late.

          Raincity and Parkside are both good restaurants in the Downtown area. Raincity is known for "local" food-- last fall they featured a 100-mile menu, with everything grown and produced within that radius. They are both on the 'relatively' end of casual. Aurora bistro on Main is great, too.

          If you like izakaya, Kingyo is on Denman street right near Raincity and Parkside, easy to stroll and choose.

          1. Definately check out the Oyama Sausage Factory at Granville Island (they supply much of the Salt Menu).