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May 16, 2007 10:57 AM

Greek Corner lunch (Harvard Square)

Wow, it's be a really long time since I've had a gyro. One of these days I'll figure out how to eat it without wearing it as well... At any rate, it was really yummy. A little greasy toward the end but completely enjoyable. Loaded with meat, nice fresh veggies and bright, zesty tsatsiki stuffed into a nicely grilled pita. Also had a cup of the egg/lemon soup, which was good but I prefer it from Cafe Kiraz as the Greek Corner version tasted a little saltier than necessary. Feel like this was a very tasty bargain at $7.

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  1. Just a location note - I believe Greek Corner is quite a bit up Mass Ave. in North Cambridge, past Porter, not Harvard. Closer by foot to Davis.

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      There's also a little outpost in Harvard, Greek Corner II. It's next to Charlies

    2. I LOVE Greek Corner's gyros. I am rarely in the area, but when I am, I always make an effort to get there and grab a chicken gyro to go. It sort of reminds me of that great combo of flavors you get at Chacacero (no, the flavors are not at all similar, but the it's combining them all together that results in a delicious sandwich.) I also think that pita is baked fresh every day..sometimes it's served warm, clearly just out of the oven..and the chicken, and garlicy tsatsiki are just so good together. Mmm, have to get back soon. And yeah, it is a bargain for just under 7.

      1. Yeah, their tzatziki is pretty good, really making the sandwich, and is where a lot of gyro sandwiches fall flat, subbing something more nearly resembling thin wallpaper paste in taste. Thanks for the reminder haven't been over there in a while.

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          It seems a number of places (in Boston and otherwise) just buy those giant tubs of tzatziki from Sysco or a similar place - I think that stuff could double as spackle.

          I like tzatziki on my fries too.

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            Or when it's not spackle, it's got the slimy and gloppily runny texture of watery non-Greek low fat yoghurt. Maybe those are the tubs that were frozen, and defrosted in a mass of ice crystals. Yum.

            On your fries, eh? I may have to try that next time I make a batch (the best I've had this side of the Adriatic remains my own). Anyplace around Boston that serves them that way?

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              I just order extra Z and get fries and dip them in.