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May 16, 2007 10:51 AM

Need help with large dinner party in Philadelphia

Hi, I'm looking for a tasty restaurant in Phildelphia that can accommodate 30 guests for a business dinner on a Wednesday night? I'd prefer renting out the entire venue or having a separate floor or large room within a restaurant rather than, for example, having a private room at a hotel. My preference is also for something ethnic, but I won't rule out any restaurant that has wonderful food! If you've had a great experience with this sort of thing I'd love to hear about it. Thanks.

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  1. Osteria has a private dining room that (if I remember correctly) accommodates about 30 people. The food is fantastic, probably one of the top five restaurants in the city right now. You may have trouble making the reservation, depending on when the meeting is. The place is very hot right now.

    1. Estia (Greek seafood) has the dowstairs wine cellar space as well as a separate private room that may work for your group.

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        Estia is a wonderful choice if you have a generous pocketbook.
        On the less expensive side, you might try calling La Viola which now has two restaurants across the street from each other and maybe they would give you a part of one of them.
        Bliss has a perfect sized mezzanine which would fit the bill and the food is delicious but again, it is not inexpensive.
        There are menus you might want to peruse online to help you.
        Here's one:
        Here's another:
        Good luck.

      2. You might be able to have the prix-fixe menu at Estia, which has good choices for each course. It's a beautiful place, with excellent food.
        If you don't need to be in center city, Tre Scalini, in South Philly, has a new location with an upstairs room for large parties. It's one of our favorites. It is BYOB, which might not be what you want.