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Davan Thai in Oakland

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Recently spotted this new opening near my office and decided to give it a try and ordered the Pad See Eew. Given the lack of good Thai places around this neighborhood, it's pretty good. However a far cry from Thai House Express or Osha Thai, it's way way better than Take it Easy Thai (outrageously horrible, their food doesn't taste like Thai food) that is 1/2 a block away.

I might try some other stuff in the next couple of weeks, but I still wish one with Thai house quality will open in this neighborhood.

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    1. re: sarvey

      I don't have the exact address, but it's on Webster Street, between 17th and 19th, 1/2 block from Take it easy

    2. After years of swatting at a swarm of bugs every time I walk by that place (following its many failed incarnations), it will be a while before I try it. That may be unfair, but still, I cross the street before I get near it. And Take it Easy has its merits, they are just not the traditional dishes. Try the asparagus dishes, tasty noodles, or noodle soups sometime, they are pretty good.

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      1. re: Grubbjunkie

        Yeah, the bugs are crazy. The Cameroonian place before this was dirty, but quite tasty.

        I'll give Take it Easy another try with the dishes that you recommend, but i was put off when their pad thai did not taste/look like pad thai (it has carrots and mushroom stir fried in it), and Pad See Ew that tasted like something else.

      2. I was happy when the bug swarm disappeared but I'm not even close to wanting to eat anything from there yet.

        Please don't dis Take it Easy because it's not super traditional. The people are really nice and the duck curry is seriously heavenly ( I will order something else, someday).

        1. They're open? Cool. Just a week or so ago it still looked closed and graffiti-laden.

          A coworker mentioned a Thai place "near Dai-Ten". Guess it must have been the same place. He said it tasted more like Chinese food than Thai, but I'm not convinced. I'll probably try it myself.

          I actually don't mind Take It Easy, but you have to not think of it as Thai food, but as a kind of Thai fast food. It is far from what I think of as "authentic", but, hey, I've never been to Thailand.

          From what I understand Thai Corner (15th and Franklin) closed a month or so ago.

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          1. re: Marc Wallace

            Thai Fast Food should still taste like Thai food! e.g. King of Thai Noodle, Thai House Express, etc. But I agree it's ok to like something that's not traditional or authentic.

          2. I've been out of town and off the web, so didn't see this till now, but did want to mention that a coworker and I had lunch at Davan Thai on opening day a few weeks ago...we were just walking by, saw it was open, and headed in....and were quite pleased. No, it isn't Thai House Express, but I definitely will be back, particularly given the lack of lunch options in that area (near my office).

            The stuffed chicken wings at Davan Thai were a highlight of our meal; an excellent version. Green curry was also good. There is a large menu, though many choices seem to be variations on a theme.

            It was clean, fresh and nicely decorated, so I think references to flies in or outside a prior incarnation are unfair or at least irrelevant. Staff was very friendly and helpful. In that regard, my first impression based on one quick visit is that the food is definitely steps above Take it Easy Thai, and apart from that, they have full table service and a much larger more comfortable room and seating. Even if I liked Take it Easy I probably wouldn't eat there much, because in my experience if you don't get there before noon you can't get a seat. I always thought that Take it Easy's popularity had more to do with lack of alternatives than anything else.

            To update Marc's post above, yes, Thai Corner is definitely closed.

            Now that I am back in town, I will try Davan Thai again and post a more complete report.