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May 16, 2007 10:10 AM

Stainless Steel Pot Repair?

I have a plain old stainless steel pot which the bottom seems to be peeling off of. Can anyone recommend a place to get this repaired? This pot is pretty special to me.

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  1. I don't think it's fixable. Peeling stainless steel is not fixable the way, say, retinning a copper pot might be. You don't say much about how it is constructed, but -- if it is a typical disk bottom construction, that means that the peeling stainless is now about to expose the core. If it is peeling on the inside, you risk poisoning if the core is copper. Peeling on the outside is not dangerous, but you are doomed to hot spots even if you can find someone to fix it. You will have the same problem with an expensive clad model. Most manufacturers have decent warranties, so you might look into that. If you just want to keep it for sentimental reasons, IMHO you might want to retire it and replace it with something else to cook with.

    1. I agree it can't be repaired. Seriously, if it has sentimental value - it would make a cute flower pot for the kitchen

      1. You may want to ask around at some better autobody shops,not collision repair places,but places that do restorations,and custom work,there is a fairly new process i believe it is called blown,or sprayed metal,it is used to build up metal where a repair is difficult, i do not know if they can do this with stainless or not,also if that wont work,they maybe able to point you in a direction that will,one thing i will say, is people like this don't work cheap,so be prepared,good luck.

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        1. re: jword2001

          That process will not work for stainless. I doubt that the pot can be repaired for any reasonable amount of money. Id stop using it and make it a wall hanger.

          Stainless is not an easy metal to repair, especially if it is clad to another material.

        2. The bottom part of my stainless steel pot has separated itself from the pot is there a way to fix it?

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          1. re: Sueraad

            Not really, at least not at a price less than the cost of a new pot.