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May 16, 2007 09:49 AM

Where to find Chimay cheese in NYC?

I´d like to know stores where I can find Chimay cheese in Manhattan. Tks.

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  1. I've seen it at the Whole Foods in Union Sq.

    1. Whole foods, Citarella. Or you can ask me - I'm going to Belgium in two days ;-).

      1. I've seen it at Murrays and Fairways as well

        1. Lucky you, nokitsch! But yes, CheeseManiac, Fairway will definitely have it, and I would be willing to bet it will probably be less expensive there than it would be at Whole Foods or Citarella.

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            There are 2 kinds of Chimay cheese at Zabar's

            1. re: olia

              The only place that I have bought it is at Zabar's.

            2. re: slcorlis

              Thank you :-) It probably will be cheaper, although I've found that some things at Citarella are chaper than anywhere else!

              1. re: nokitsch

                I've found them at Fairway in Red Hook and so I assume it's at Fairway in Manhattan. Cheers. Yum Yum

                1. re: Hanachan

                  They do indeed have it at Fairway on 74th Street. The better news is that it's on sale this week. I think I saw it for $4.99 a lb.

                  1. re: JungMann

                    /\ Whaaaaaaaaaaat??? That's insane (I want to say impossible).

                    1. re: nokitsch

                      REALLY... I would have to agree... 4.99 lb? CRAZY. it was 15.99 the last time i saw it.

            3. FreshDirect also carries it.