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May 16, 2007 09:46 AM

Cuban Food

Yikes, we hit Victors Cuban Cafe on 55th Street last night. What a disappointment!!!! We had such fond memories of the Victors on Columbus Avenue, which closed years ago...but thought maybe this will be just as good.

Alas, a waste of time and money. Horrible food, horrible service, loud pre-theatre crowd.
The roast sucking pig was absolutely horrible, the black beans and white rice was a mound of grey/dark grey rice, obviously having been mixed together perhaps days ago....the bread was stale and our drinks had barely a taste of rum.

Avoid this place!!!! Go to Havanna Central instead...great Mojito's, really good roast pork!!!

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  1. cafe habana on cornelia is very good. sadly they are closing soon.... the chef is too old to be in that tiny kitchen toiling as she does

    1. I find Havana Central very mediocre. Try Little Havana on Cornelia--jsmitty got the name wrong above.

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      1. I had a very different experience at Victor's a few weeks ago. It was quiet for family night (Sunday). I had never been there and was pleasantly surprised after reading the comments on I'm sure there are places that are a better value.