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May 16, 2007 09:26 AM

new malaysia restaurant - short review

on the basis of recs for their hainan chicken over rice, we headed here for a late meal (also because we didn't feel like walking the extra block or two to get to sanur) and shared an excellent meal for two:

- roti canai x2 (they are of the school of small and thick, scallion pancake like, I prefer the big thin ones, but still good)
- curry mixed stuffed combo with egg noodle (an incredibly rich curry broth with the veg stuffed w/ seafood, e.g. bittermelon, tofu, eggplant, etc.)
- hollow vegatable with belacan sauce
- diced chicken and salt fish fried rice

we didn't end up getting the hainan chicken, just cuz we didn't feel like it, but great meal, and great price; total came to just over $22 for a decent amount of food. they have a hot sauce which is quite nice, watery, a bit sweet, not too hot. the only problem is, you have to keep asking for it, since they give you a small amount each time. the greens were excellent, the fried rice was great, and the noodles were good. the curry that came w/ the roti was excellent, not that spicy, but very rich. we had plenty of delicious saucy stuff left over that if we were maniacs, we'd have ordered a few bowls of the hainan rice just to kill the sauce, but we were stuffed by then.

next time, the hainan chicken.

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  1. jeff, where's this location? i love hainese chicken rice and i have yet to have anything that's up to par with the real thing.

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    1. re: kelea

      well, I gotta say, I didn't have any, but threads point there:

      as to location, its in an alley between bowery and elizabeth, just south of canal street. address is: 46-48 Bowery Street, Chinatown Arcade #28.

    2. this is my favorite malaysian place. great staff, food & price. i agree on the hot sauce, they used to keep a little pot of it on each table but now you have to request...maybe patrons used too much. i was guilty of that! do try the chicken next time and if you like this sort of thing: salty fish with chicken fried rice is very good too. my brother inhales that dish.

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      1. re: moymoy

        if you saw, we DID order that dish as fried rice, a classic, not exactly malaysian, but still tasty, esp. w/ the greens. I will definitely have the hainan rice with chicken next time.

      2. ate here yesterday because we were headed to skyway but it started raining heavily. we ordered a buncha dishes and . . i was pleasantly surprised again.

        + rojak
        + 3 combo over rice (curry beef, hainan chicken, fried egg)
        + okra with shrimp in belacan
        + amoy vermicelli
        + cendor ice

        the rojak had wonderful ripe fruit and vegetables in a fishy funky dark sauce covered in crushed peanuts, the vermicelli was your standard chinese takeout fare but kinda good, the okra was great, as expected. the 3 combo was a great deal; 3 pieces of hainan chicken, a mess of curry (the brisket was long-cooked and delicious in its curry); we had a ton of food that we took home and it was great. the party of two next too us both ordered the same thing, fried rice with fried fish fillets and the platters that arrived were groaning with fried rice and fish; it looked amazing and I will definitely get that next time; looked like a step up from the fried whiting possibly available at your local chinese.

        the cendor was served tall in a parfait; green noodles on the bottom topped with red bean, then a mess of ice w/ condensed milk and finally, shave ice on top with the brown palm syrup; it was good but in one of the few occasions where I prefer things sweeter, it really needed a lot more sugar syrup. it was tasty though.

        dependable place with few misses (maybe because it just doesn't try too hard, and gets it right within its range). thoughts anyone?

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        1. re: bigjeff

          I always liked the food at New Malaysia and I thought their staff offered pretty decent service for Chinatown. However, I have never been to Skyway. How does it compare with Skyway?

          1. re: bearmi

            good question! just ate there today for comparison purposes, will report on a separate thread.

            1. re: bigjeff

              Thanks. I look forward to your report.

              1. re: bearmi

                i see you saw my note already!


                to compare; new malaysia is the dependable drop-in place where you can get the basics and not be disappointed but skyway has some "deeper" things on the menu I think. and, to throw Laut into the mix; I really enjoyed the higher-end experience at that place (good union square go-to, almost double the prices but worth it) and the dishes I had there were great:


                all 3 places can serve their purposes well. oh, and skyway's ABC beats all others so far.

                1. re: bigjeff

                  Thanks for the explanation/comparison. I should add Laut back on my list too.

          2. re: bigjeff

            update; my meal tonight was terrible!

            however, looking at my own notes, maybe we should have avoided the soup noodles and gotten some of the fried rice and fried fish instead.

            1. re: bigjeff

              Thanks for the heads up, and for not mincing words. I'll avoid...