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Bakeries - 'down the shore'

Could anyone reccomend a few bakeries to try out this summer in Ocean / Monmouth county? Looking for good rolls and pastry....


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  1. Mueller's Bakery in Bay Head has the BEST pastries. My family has been patronizing them for more than 40 years and the quality hasn't diminished. Get there EARLY---they sell out of the best stuff quickly. The Danish pastries (especially the prune) are excellent. Be sure to try the crumbcake, too.

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      I've been in Monmouth county for 10 yeras now and have never found a loaf of rye bread to compare to La Bonbonniere in Edison.


      Sometimes I ride across that blankin'idge just to get some.

    2. Big Apple Bakery in Manahawkin, in the beat up shopping center where Superfresh is. Excellent bakery, and get there early. Great muffins, and black and white cookies. I think the people who own the bakery are from Brooklyn.

      1. caputos in ursala plaza north long branch...

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          I have cannolis from Caputo's in my fridge now. Calling me ...

        2. In Little Silver in the strip mall next to the A&P grocery store there is an Italian store that is at least equivilent and probably in fairness for those diehard Italians, better then Caputos. However they both are very good for pastries. The name I believe starts with an F but I could be mistaken too. Great place to pick up anything Italian.

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            It's called Ferrucci' Gourmet Foods. They have the best mozzarella around. And this where I discovered the Italian lemon cookie.

            I would love to hear about bakeries that are not Italian. I love a cannoli, but I miss the plain ol' American bakeries where you could get a fresh buttered roll or a cruller that wasn't sickeningly sweet. I know Freedman's is still in Belmar but I don't get there that often anymore.

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              I was wondering about this myself. I go to Freedman's all the time for bread and rolls, and the last time I went, the girl was saying that all of the other locations have closed except for Ocean Grove, and that pretty soon Belmar would be the only location left. So where will I go if Belmar closes? And where does everybody else go? Wegmans? I know what you mean about sickeningly sweet pastries, so I rarely buy them anymore, and Freedman's is better with bread than sweets IMHO. So, is there any place that makes a good crumb bun, for example?

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                My Nana lived off 18th Ave and we walked to Freedman's all the time (Nana didn't drive; we walked a lot). Therefore, every crumb bun that I've had in the last 40 years has tried and failed to measure up to Freedman's. Theirs is the perfect combo of sweet/salt/butter/not too dry/not too moist. Mmm, hungry...

          2. Not a bakery, but Joe Leone's in Point Pleasant Beach has the most amazing chocolate mint cookies. Just the right amount of mint and dipped in a thick milk or dark chocolate ganache...puts those Girl Scout cookies to shame! Add a glass of ice cold milk...heaven. :)

            1. I like Cravings In Allenhurst on Main Street ...very good cakes, pastry etc....but they don't do breads or rolls.
              For a traditional full service bakery I go to Del Pontes in Bradley Beach...also on Main Street.

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                Must try the " chocolate decadance" make by Cravings, it is expensive but oh sooo good.

              2. Another vote here for Mueller's in Bay Head! Best crumb buns ever!

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                  Well, we spent a week "down the shore" the first week in July---and got pastries EVERY DAY from Mueller's. They are STILL awesome ( we just learned they've been in business for over 100 years!). Our favorites:
                  crumb buns (NOT iced)
                  poppyseed danish
                  cheese claw
                  apricot bar
                  almond horn
                  prune danish

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                    Muellers is excellent. Don't forget about the donuts...they have the cakey kind. Yum

                2. Mueller's is, indeed, great. But they changed their recipe for 7-grain bread several years ago, and now it is too fluffy. Anyone remember the good old days? I'd love to get a recipe for that old version, if anyone is good with reverse engineering yeast breads.

                  Mueller's Bakery
                  80 Bridge Ave, Bay Head, NJ