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Pomona Valley Mining Company

I have driven by this restaurant 1000 times but have never tried it. It looks like the views from the restaurant are nice...how's the food though? Give me some feed back my fellow Hound Dogs.........

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  1. Had brunch there once, truly forgettable food and you have to negotiate stairs to get "down" in to the restaurant, or climb "up" to the parking lot. Never trust a restaurant on a hill or on top of a building.


    1. The food's ok (I would put in on par with Cask 'n Cleaver), the view terrific, and there are alternate ways to get in besides stairs (we did it with a wheelchair). The killer was that the price was about twice what the food was worth.

      1. Standard Buffet 'stuff'. Nothing special at all... It's a place mainly for Company Parties, 50th Anniversaries and The monthly Kiwanis Club Meeting..g.


          1. While I wouldn't go as far as Chino Wayne (there have been some pretty good restaurants on hills and the tops of buildings; consider much of San Francisco, for instance...) I'd definitely watch out for the food at any place which is decorated to look like any sort of industrial site (mine, fishing wharf, warehouse, stable, any kind of mill, railroad station, bank) which it never was; and hill-side "mine" restos (of which I think I've been to 2 or 3 in So Cal) are particularly notorious in this regard...

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              I don't know, I kind of like it! I agree that the food is not the most wonderful, but it doesn't suck. And yes, it is a little expensive. But it's fun to go there every once in a great while, the view IS great, and I like their salad bar (somehow getting harder to find those, no?).
              If you DO decide to go, try the Glory Hole - it's my sister's favorite. : )

            2. I'd say it's worth going once for the experience - especially if it's one of those things you will always wonder about when you drive by. The food *can* suck, but it's not horrible. It's pretty much steak house fare - and the steaks are decent. Nothing you'll crave again, nothing you'll completely detest eating... you might even enjoy it. It's kitchy overall (think lanterns and a tin pie-plate dish for the salad bar)... and the entry always makes me feel like I'm about to get on the Thunder Mountain Railroad ride at Disneyland.

              I'd suggest sticking with steak/salad bar... the ribs we got recently were dry and inedible.

              ....and.... the food is 10x's better than Coco Palm on the next hill over.... yuck!

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                So, if I have a 2-for-1 Sunday Brunch coupon (which I do), and I happen to be in that general part of the world (I sometimes am)...is it worth going?

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                  I would say, especially under those circumstances, yes. If just for once, to see if you like it...

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                    Yeah, although the view may seem more dramatic as day turns to night.

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                      Jack Flash, the only time it is worth going to PVMC is when you are already in the 'hood.

                      There is NO reason to drive all the way out there just to dine at PVMC ...

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                        2-for-1 brunch coupon? - yes, definitely go - only if you are in the area, though. my sister tells me the brunch is better than dinner. and, personally, i don't think the night view is all that good... i mean, it's the 10 freeway, for crying out loud! haha....

                        howdidja get the coupon?

                        1. re: The Oracle

                          My guess is, it's the Entertainment Book (a wonderful bargain, if you don't already know about it). And, yes, I still say, go! Give them a try! I just don't think it's as bad as other people here say it is. Especially with the coupon, judge for yourself.

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                            Actually, we won it in a charity auction along with coupons & gift certificates for other local joints. My stepdaughter goes to school in the area, and so we find ourselves nearby from time to time.

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                              Oh, good for you!! : ) Go, enjoy it for what it is, and report back!!

                    2. The equivalent of Claim Jumper + Tony Roma's with a view (and whatever your decision absolutely do not subject yourself to the halibut!).

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                        Please, my good friend, do not so insult Claim Jumper and Tony Roma's in one single post.

                        The vitriol on this board sometimes ... never ceases to amaze ...


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                          mea culpa...please know I never meant to offend either of those fine dining establishments...rest assured that, despite my comment, the reputation of the respective makers of the Onion Blossom and Onion Ring Loaf (complete with ranch dressing) remains unsullied! ;-)

                      2. I went a few months ago. The filet mignon is okay but a bit chewy (they tend to overcook), the coconut shrimp is delish, but the martini's are way too strong and it doesn't feel right sipping it from that jar they put it in. The salad buffet is nothing to brag about, but the soups are decent. 6.5 out of 10 IMHO.

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                          They don't just cook, they dessicate!

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                            Is it possible for a drink that is pure gin with a drop of vermouth to be too strong? The little bit of ice that melts into it may make the difference, but most complaints about Martinis is that they are too weak. The jar is another matter.

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                              well i ordered an apple martini and i didn't taste apple at all. the fact that it was kind of warm made it harder to drink, it burned =(

                              your right though, when was the last time someone complained about strong drinks, its suppose to be a good thing.

                          2. I can’t vouch to the taste of the food. I can only post about the lack of customer service and professionalism. We also drive by the place all the time and thought it would be a decent place for a special occasion. I called to reserve a table for a party of 5 for a Birthday. We arrived early on a Wednesday evening and had to wait for 35 minutes. Other parties walked in after us and were seated right away. They finally ended up seating us at the first table as you walk into the dinning room. We noticed lots of empty tables by the windows however we were told they were reserved. We were not happy with the table as it wobbled, was sticky and it was very very close to the other party so we asked for a better table with a view and were told we would have to wait again.

                            We were dressed in business casual attire and we all showered that day, Heck we even used soap but somehow we were not treated appropriately. We ended on talking to the Manager and advising them that we were happy with the table and the delay. We would be taking are $200 dinner and drink bill elsewhere.

                            In addition I was not impressed with the odor in place, the staff's lack of cleaning skills lack of professionalism, filthy restrooms and the “B” Health dept rating.

                            1. only been once. once was enough.