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May 16, 2007 08:15 AM

Spokane/Couer D'Alene to Yakima

I'll be coming this way via I-90 in two weeks. Are there any decent restaurants near any of the Interstate interchanges?

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  1. Takara in Couer D'Alene is excellent for sushi. About 1+ mi south of I-90 in town near the lake. See other reviews on this board.

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      It's so predictable, and I always recommend it: go to the Valley Cafe in Ellensburg. It's a beautiful space and the food is great. Then stretch your legs around downtown stopping to look at the great gallery exhibitions, walk through the guitar shop and marvel at the ukulele collection high on the wall, and visit the antique mall. I love that town.
      Save that, there was an interesting recommendation for Ritzville lately - you could search for it.

    2. A small hole in the wall Korean rest in Airway Heights serves some pretty good food.
      Exit 277 in Spokane, west about 6 minutes on Highway 2 to Lawson St in Airway Heights.
      Menu and map at:

      1. gordy's is my must visit restuarant in spokane - the food is outstanding! it's worth the few minutes drive from the freeway.
        Gordy's Sichuan Cafe
        501 E 30th Ave
        Spokane, WA 99203

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          The absolute best Thai restaurant in Spokane is the Thai Kitchen in the Valley. They have the greates phad thai and peanut sauce I've ever had. You also cannot go wrong with any of their curries made from scratch.