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*Need a miracle: expert Chowhounder help pls

Need a place anywhere in Manhattan that is:

Upscale (price is not a problem)
Any neighborhood
Funky, but not like down-home funky, but hip and different
NOT Sushi
Also, food must be decent.

This is the kicker: everywhere is booked. Suba, Public, Tasting Room, WD50, Red Cat---all booked

I need from 7pm-8:30 for seven people for this Saturday.

Any ideas?

Please... I will be very grateful for help. :)

Rose Water..Thanks..about Yakitori Totto..I called was hung up on and then busy signal...

Any others?

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    1. re: rose water

      Rose Water..Thanks..about Yakitori Totto..I called was hung up on and then busy signal...

      Any others?

    2. the pickings are slim, but have a look at opentable and see what you can get.

      seems to me that the best option would be to call the places that don't take reservations, unless you're a large group, like blue ribbon and landmarc.

        1. re: noot

          Thanks Noot.
          I'm not sure Periyali is hip enough. Thanks though!!

          Anything similar to the TAO vibe (they are booked).

        2. Buddakan? They can accomodate larger parties

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          1. re: kelea

            Thanks, Kelea forgot to mention I did call Buddhan and they are booked.

            Good call though right on the money!! Similar to that!!

            1. re: stella10022

              Along the same vein - sharing plates, good cocktails - what about Kittichai?

              1. re: nikky

                too bad kittichai was booked? had some stupendous meals there before and great for large groups.

          2. Perhaps, Amalia? It's on 55th St., b/t B'way & 7th Av. Delicious Mediterranean cuisine. As regards the ambiance, I thought the decor was beautiful with a very hip feel, i.e., more downtown than midtown. Even though you'd be going during pre-theater time (restaurants in that area tend to empty out around 7:45), it's a big place, and it's relatively new, so you might have a good chance of getting a table. Their website is still under construction, but the telephone number is there: http://www.amalia-nyc.com

            1. I agree with Buddakan suggestion. It is huge so I think you should be able to get a reservation. Suggestions on dishes are the dim sum and appetizers, and the poultry itmes in entrees. Stay away from the rice and noodles. Cocktails are very interesting, and desserts are excellent! I think you will have a good time!

              1. Alta? Freemans (they only take rezzies for large parties)? I'm sure you tried Stanton Social... Kittichai? Kion Dining Lounge (cool, good food, but not tragically hip)...

                1. The House
                  Waverly Inn
                  Blue Hill
                  Spice Market
                  ...not so "different", but I love Mesa Grill

                  Good luck!

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                  1. re: jmo9

                    Thanks jmo9, jsgjewels, kobetobiko, nikky, kelea, noot, rosewater, RGR and funky monkey! GOOD ideas from everyone!!

                    we've decided on La Grenoiulle - not hip but good
                    hip places were booked-

                    1. re: stella10022

                      There are probably not too many restaurants in NYC as far removed from hip as La Grenouille!

                      Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

                      1. re: RGR

                        Thanks RGR!! Have you been there? Is it good?

                        1. re: stella10022

                          I'm not RGR - but I do love La Grenouille - definitely not hip, but an incredibly beautiful room - I'll dig up my review - it wasn't a complete glow - but might be helpful in terms of ordering.


                          I realize some of it is a bit negative - so one big tip is to make sure you sit across from one another and not next to one another on a banquette - you'll see what I mean when you read the review. The food is excellent - you might want to check out the menu on their website.


                          If you can peruse the wine list, it's worth doing that too, as I recall it being somewhat overwhelming.