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May 16, 2007 07:50 AM

Mailorder Alaskan Seafood

can anyone recommend a business that delivers alaskan seafood?

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  1. Any particular type of seafood? Seabear.com has fresh Copper River wild sockeye salmon in June. I've gotten it the past 3-4 years; VERY good.


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      thanks for the link!
      I want to send my dad a mixed package, definitely some king crab, maybe some halibut and salmon. Basically whatever is excellent (and available in september onwards as this is when they will most likely use the gift.)

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        For an assortment that isn't just salmon, maybe one of these as well (although I've never ordered from either of them):



    2. I've gotten very good Alaska seafood from both Salmongram and Fisherman's Express.

      1. New Sagaya market in Anchorage will pack and ship seafood to you. They're a local high end grocery store with a couple of branches scatter around town. They have good stuff and are trustworthy.


        1. I've used Alaskan Harvest Seafood that was mentioned (alaskaharvest.com) with great success. Everything I've ordered from them has been awesome. They also stock some non-alaskan seafood along with a few steaks so you can save on shipping instead of placing 2 additional orders from other places.