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May 16, 2007 07:16 AM

Spring vs. Blackbird vs. one sixtyblue

A special occassion ... most comfortable with the best food? I just can't decide!!!!!

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  1. All three are outstanding places. My personal preference would be one sixtyblue over Blackbird, and Blackbird over Spring, primarily based on food (all are comfortable), but it's a close call, and you will have an excellent meal at any of them. These are three of the very best of our "new American" casual fine dining restaurants.

    If you have a tough time deciding, you might want to check out the sample menus on their websites; you may find that one appeals to you more than another.

    one sixtyblue -
    Blackbird -
    Spring -

    1. I agree with nxstassy in that all three are great meals. I feel like Spring would be "more comfortable" if you mean more laid back and less formal, especially if you are going mid week.

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        Great! I'm sticking with onesixtyblue ... i've become obsessed! Thanks for all your help. I finally chose one sixtyblue ... but then I met a woman last night who swears by Spring. But I researched and researched and I'm sticking with my gutt instinct! thanks for alllllllllllllllllllllllll your help! I'll let you know how it goes! oh - and the woman on the phone at one sixtyblue was extremely nice .... that alone makes me want to go there. Thanks again!

      2. Anyone have an opinion on which one of these is best with young kids? They are well behaved but can be a little loud - so a louder restaurant is actually better (so their voices blend in rather than rise above the din).

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          I have the same question as biskuitt about noise level, but I am interested in which of these would be the quietest for a family dinner where some of the folks have hearing issues. Also which of these would accomodate a range of food tastes: foodie to just salmon and chicken. I have looked at the menus, but first hand opinions are always better than guessing from menus.



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            I honestly wouldn't recommend any of the three for young children. Savor the meal during an anniversary celebration or something when you won't be worrying about the sound level so much...

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              For a good meal with kids, I would go to one of those Jerry Kleiner outposts - big, visually arresting, lively restaurants with generally good food. I went to Marche with my parents (70s), sister (40s) and two children (6 and 10) and everyone had a nice experience. They do have a childrens menu if that helps. The other two I would think of are Carnivale and maybe Red Light, although for kids I would think you would have more luck with the Carnivale menu. I would agree that Blackbird or One Sixtyblue might be a little upscale and formal for kids - at least for me when I was a kid. (and I wasn't even one of those shrieking ones leek.)


          2. Spring is in a former bathhouse, with tiled walls, so the sound bounces off the walls. Not good for people with hearing loss.

            I've only been to Blackbird for lunch, but it was calm and quiet when I was there.

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              I was just at Spring a couple of weeks ago and found it to be very conversation friendly -- it was packed too.

            2. I find Blackbird to be noisy, and would think kids talking would be OK, but if you have those shrieking kids, probably not.