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sunday breakfast/lunch, northampton mass

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first time in the area for a wedding. any suggestions for a sunday breakfast or lunch appreciated. edouard

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  1. Amanouz Cafe at 44 Main Street. Best hashbrowns I've ever had.

    1. La Veracruzana...great burritos and such.

        1. The Green Street Cafe is a little French bistro with a laid-back, pleasant atmosphere. We had a terrific breakfast there not too long ago.

          1. Last I checked, Green Street is still closed (temporarily, and yes they have an incredible but simple brunch menu). I second Amanouz for breakfast. The Lone Wolf in Amherst also does a great breakfast.

            For lunch, the Woodstar Cafe on Masonic Street makes all their own bread and the sandwhiches are very very good.

            1. haymarket cafe has great food for lunch and breakfast. sylvester's is also good - the homemade bread there is awesome. i've never done breakfast at amanouz, but i have heard great things.

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                I second the Sylvester's rec for solid american brunch fare. The French toast is very good.