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May 16, 2007 06:38 AM

Restaurant for my rehearsal dinner for my September wedding

I'm looking for a restaurant suggestion for my rehearsal dinner for my September wedding. We will have around 60 guests and would like to be in Center City. If Audrey Claire were bigger, that would be perfect. Any ideas?

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  1. Center city for 60 people... here are some options.
    - Astral Plane
    - Susanna Foo
    - Brasserie Perrier
    - Davio's
    - Estia
    - McCormick and Schmik
    - Moshulu

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    1. re: lillotis

      I would remove Astral Plane and Susanno Foo

      1. re: saturninus

        my sister had hers at mccormick and schmik and while it is not a restaurant on either of our normal rotations, they handled the rehearsal dinner beautifully. good appetizers, a private bar, reserved room etc. everyone was very satisfied, from health-nut liberals to fat-cats of capitalism. :)

    2. I had my rehearsal dinner last fall at Davio's for about 70 people and it was the perfect space size-wise for that number of guests - they have private rooms on the top floor of the building the restaurant is located in. Its not inexpensive, however, and they do have a food and drink minimum for Friday and Saturday night events. That said, the room is beautiful, all the food was outstanding and the service was great. While, of course, I may be a little biased in that it was for my wedding, I heard similar raves from others, including my parents who graciously footed the bill!!

      1. We just booked Estia for our November rehearsal dinner. It is a really pretty space and the banquet manager, Hilary, has been very responsive. I live out of town so have never actually eaten there, but have only heard good reviews. I orginally wanted a BYO restaurant, but found it hard to find place for a group our size (50).

        1. Have you looked into renting out Audrey Claire? I'm sure the whole space can accomodate 60 (inside and out). Might be pricey, but worth an ask.