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May 16, 2007 06:22 AM

Thai recommendations in Baltimore

Does anyone have any good Thai places to recommend in Baltimore? My husband and I would like to do something different this weekend.

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  1. Thai is better in DC than Bmore. The best thai dish I've ever had in B'more was at Talay Thai, but I've also had some pretty crappy ones there too. Last time I went to Thai Landing was very disappointed. Lots of posters on this board have expressed a favor Thai Arroy in Fed Hill.

    Would also advise against the Thai place on Boston Street.

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      Is the Thai place on Boston street the one that is in Fells Point? I am from DC so I don't always remember the names and streets where places are located, but a large group of us ate at the Fells Point Thai place (it was a few blocks off the square) and we all love it. Best green curry veggies I had ever tried.

    2. Yes, Thai Arroy is great! Bmorehound is right - there's better Thai in DC, but I think Thai Arroy is as good as, if not better, than the places in DC. The other places in Bmore are nothing to write home about and are expensive - I'd rather make my own Thai at home than pay $14 for bad pad thai!

      1. Thai Arroy is serviceable, standard Thai fare; Ten-O-Six across the street, which is Thai/New American, a little more interesting.

        1. My sister swears by Thai One On in Towson.

          1. For good, inexpensive, authentic, inexpensive thai food there is a small carryout place (with a few tables for dining in) on Harford Road (at Northern Parkway). It's called Chokchai. They don't have a website but yummy food, esp. the Pad Thai, which I think is $7.95!

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              i second ChokChai. The original chefs @ Thai Arroy used to work the kitchen @ Thai One On in Towson (not sure if they're still there); the food's good but i wouldn't say it's 'the best ever' - it's nice that it's BYO. I find the Thai food @ Thai Landing to be too sweet and Americanized in taste. I've always had a good hot n spicy meal @ 'The Thai Restaurant' on Greenmount and 33rd.