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May 16, 2007 06:22 AM

Sushi for lunch @ Weston/Finch

Could anyone recommend a good sushi place for lunch around Weston/Finch????

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  1. Not in the neighbourhood, but if you can travel, I highly recommend Sagano at 2035 Kennedy (at 401) - it's in a Delta hotel - not so much for sushi as the small prepared dishes. It's a couple of years since I was there, but it was perhaps the best Japanese cooking that I've tasted in Toronto. (*That* should start an argument!) If you go, have the grilled yellowtail collar - superb in its simplicity.

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      Thanks for the suggestion pangolin...I will check it out whenever i'm in the area but I work around the Finch/Weston Rd area and would love to have good sushi for lunch...yum!!!

    2. don't know any in that area but a little north/east of there is a korean sushi place that is pretty good - i don't know the english name but the korean name is Kum Kang San and it's on the west side of Dufferin, just south of Steeles in a fairly large plaza - lots of parking...

      1. There used to be a place in the strip mall at 2437 Finch Avenue West (at Jayzel), but I think it is gone. I have never tried it, so if it is still there I am not sure what it is like. If you like Vietnamese, I strongly recommend Pho Dau Bo in the same strip mall.