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May 16, 2007 05:45 AM

Picholine/Asheville - what's up

This is supposed to be a coffeehouse/tea room on Haywood St. downtown - or at least that's how they classify themselves for the Chamber of Commerce. A recent review in the Citizen-Times was pretty scathing saying that they "didn't appear to have a kitchen or an identity". I think this place is also owned by the folks who own Fig. What's up though, is it a coffee house or a restaurant and if it is the former, why was the C-T reviewer looking for a meal?

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  1. It is owned by the owners of Fig. The attempted (albeit poorly) to change the concept of the space. The idea was to change it into a wine bar, so they closed down for a week, repainted and added a bar. They brought over a sous-chef from fig. However here is where the planning stopped. They failed to give the menu the full attention it deserved, as well as training the staff. They staff now is uninspired, as well is the chef. Yes they do have a kitchen (very small), but they will definitely need to up there standards if they expect to succeed.

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      I cruised through there today. There were a few people having salads/drinks/coffee after lunch. It looks like a wine/coffee bar. I spoke to the woman at the register about the review and she said they have another chef now and have revamped the menu....I think they just need to find their identity.

    2. a review in this week's Mountain Xpress was pretty favorable.

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        Haven't tried it yet, but the review is pretty well written, so maybe this Priestley guy knows what he's talking about. Haven't noticed his byline before. Is he new to the Mountain Xpress?

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          My brother and I showed up for a wine dinner they had planned but failed to tell us that it had been canceled due to lack of interest and poor planning/advertising. Other than
          "Oh sorry", they didn't offer us ANY incentive to stay and try them. Pretty sad effort to say the least.