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May 16, 2007 05:38 AM

Fri night dinner: Seven Fish in KeyWest...thoughts?

I'll be in Key West this weekend and am considering Seven Fish for dinner Friday night. Can anyone tell me why I should or shouldn't go? Alt fish restaurants appreciated. Also, anyone know anything about Hickory House? thank you!

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  1. Sara>

    7 Fish - still good.
    AltFish - 915 Duval...


    1. 7 Fish is wonderful! Its very popular so you need to make reservations a few days in advance. It is a small and maybe a little crowded on the inside so not the best place for a romantic dinner but it is one of the better places in KW.

      1. I don't know how helpful this will be as I've never eaten at 7 Fish, but one of my best friends lived in Key West for 7 years (he just left) and I visited him several times every year. He and all of his "conch" friends said it was among, if not the, best seafood restaurants on the island.

        I've walked by it. It's a tiny little place, so I'd recommend reservations.

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          thanks! I made a res. I'll let you know how it goes.

        2. I read about 7 fish on this board and went there a couple weeks ago. Compared to Blue Heaven, the food is not amazing. It is good: the veggies and fish are fresh. However I found the sauces basic and the presentationg lacking. If you eat out a lot you may like it because the food has a homemade flavour.

          1. We were in Key West a few months back. Originally we had reservations at Seven Fish. After reading on this board how sterile the atmosphere is there, and reading raves about Alice's, we ended up at Alice's...and with a group that went from 4 to 14. It was fantastic. We had an assortment of appetizers, salads and entrees. Each was better than the next. Alice even checked on us 3 times during the evening (they gave us a room in the back all to ourselves). I'd go back in a heartbeat.

            By the way we also had drinks and dessert (key lime pie, of course) at Blue Heaven. It's a lovely spot.

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              well, we had dessert had cafe marquesa, which was fabulous and made me quite curious about dinner there. Seven Fish was enjoyable. They are red and yellow pepper happy but all our fish was fresh and well-cooked. we loved the special hot grouper sushi roll, and really loved the staff. We did not find the atmosphere to be sterile. In fact, we liked the simple decor and the funky piece of art on the wall and the cut-outs in the chairs. It may not have been the best meal ever, but it was very good.