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May 16, 2007 04:26 AM

Please! More suggestions for large party?

Throwing a party for 40-60 in late fall - everyone I've tried either refuses to return my calls (both in NY and NJ), even AFTER we've spoken and agreed we'd talk the following day, etc!) and those I have spoken with can either not accomodate on the night I want or do not have the room or charge $100 a head etc. etc.

So, if anyone has any additonal thoughts - I'd like a Saturday night (I know, I know...) - American food (steaks, burgers, etc.) - under $80 per head preferably - can be anywhere in the city - I'm running out of ideas! Thanks!

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  1. Landmarc in the TWC has an area that looks like they may do private events - worth a call?

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      Thanks - I've heard good things about them - hadn't thought to call them - does anyone also know about Stout for a party? And what about the Danny Meyer restauarants - bf loves union square cafe - haven't been to his other places but wondering -

      1. re: sushieat

        Blue Smoke is the Danny Meyer restaurant that does straight out American food -- bbq, burgers, etc. -- and is the most casual. Tabla and the Bread Bar serve Indian fusion. EMP, The Modern, and Gramercy Tavern serve food that is quite different, i.e., more creative, than Union Square Cafe. They are also considerably more upscale.

        Tir Na Nog is a popular Irish pub which would have the kind of food you are looking for. They do private parties.

        1. re: RGR

          You'll never get out of Danny Meyers place for under $80 a person, even at Blue Smoke which is the most inexpensive of the bunch (not to mention they won't do private parties on the weekend).

          1. re: ESNY

            RGR THANK YOU!!!! Tir Na Nag seems perfect! I am going down to speak with someone next week! And thanks for the tips about Danny Meyer places ESNY and RDR - bf doesn't like bbq too much and I don't want to spend that much anyway - hopefully Tir Na Nag will work out!