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May 16, 2007 12:08 AM

Italian food in Hermosa or Manhattan Beach?

Anyone know of a good Italian Restaurant that can take 6 people on a Sat night in or around Hermosa and Manhattan Beach area?

Any other suggestions in general in this area?


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  1. Fritto Misto in Hermosa. Food is good, a lot of variety on the menu and you bring wine (for no - or minimal - corkage fee). It's not very fancy though - not sure what type of atmosphere you are looking for.

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        Yes, Fritto Misto is a fun place to dine with friends.
        rlknapp1 - love your icon, reminds me of my old pal Chester, RIP :(

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          Hmmm-I do not understand the appeal of Fritto Misto. I've tried to like it as we are not blessed with an abundance of good dining in the South Bay. I find the pasta to be overcooked, the ambience to be lacking-it's a good place to bring kids and to carbo load in preparation for a bar crawl. My opinion of course.

          Along Pier Ave. and the Plaza are at least three more Italian Restaurants:

          Italian Kitchen-more upscale but reasonably priced. Wine list. IMO food is meh.
          Buona Vita-On Pier-approx across from FM-good pizza, salads, nice atmospherePasta and Fish dishes all under $15. This is the best IMO-not great but against what is available not bad. Probably my favourite. Pizza is actually very good.

          There is another fancy Italian restaurant in the plaza itself-name escapes me. Excpensive and IMO the food is mediocre at best.

          In Manhattan Beach-there is Mama D's on Manhattan Beach Blvd., Pomodoro's also on MBB. Both are popular with the locals. I prefer Pomodoro's. They have a good seafood linguini and a pesto with shrimp (has cream in it and very rich).

          Further inland in Redondo on Artesia is Cucina Calabrese and on PCH is Cialuzzi's both casual East Coast (at least that is the claim) red sauce places.

          Finally, there is Firenze Alliotta on Anza (I think that is the name and location))-very nice ambience and again food is okay.

          I wish there was a single stand Italian restaurant I could recommend.

          Depending on the members in your party, some other interesting and preferred spots are:

          Corkscrew-in MB on Highland and Marine. Has a clubby feel, like eating in a crowded bar in NYC. It's a vertical space-excellent small plates and terrific wine list. A party of six should ask for the upstairs corner lounge area. Good people watching.

          Petros-in Metlox Center MB-upscale Greek food-full bar.

          Japonica-fantastic sushi/Japanese food on PCH in Redondo Beach. Great decor and service. Music sounds like they have a DJ. I really enjoy the food. Get a booth -you will feel like you are in Tokyp or NYC.

          1. re: Densible

            Second the rec for Buona Vita. Had dinner there a few months ago with a group of 6 and the food is solid. Note that it's more upscale than Frito and the room is small, but it makes for a fun and intimate evening with friends.

            1. re: Densible

              Just wondering when you were at Corkscrew. I'm surprised by your comment on the wine list. When I have been it has been very high priced and pedestrian...a lot of grocery store brands. I was surprised that they charged more for a particular wine by the glass than Fleming's charges. Hopefully things are looking up.

      2. Another restaurant we like in Hermosa Beach is Il Boccaccio. It is on Pier Ave. in the pedestrian area near the water. It has very authentic Italian food...not a chain. It is a little more upscale but a nice place for a Saturday night dinner.

        1. Pasta Pomodoro About a Block away from "The Kettle" It's an Italian Chain from NOR CAL..... I ALWAYS Start off with the Beef Tortlini Soup...... I've Been to MANY In San Francisco & Milpitas and Here In the South Bay........ Try it You Won't be disappointed.....

          1. Check out my review on Coccole in Redondo Beach.

            1. Depends on what your looking for.

              Cheap, and pretty bad, but get drunk on your own wine: Frito Misto

              Going straight to Hermosa Pier, pretty decent food: Italy's Little Kitchen on Pier and Hermosa

              Very nice and traditional memorably great meal: La Sosta, my favorite Italian in the South Bay.

              Check Zagat and Yelp for reviews on La Sosta, all quite sparkling.

              La Sosta:
              2700 Manhattan Ave
              Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
              (310) 318-1556