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ok..where to eat @ 3rd st. farmers market

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meeting a friend for a lil' shopping by the grove and want to eat at the farmers market. any musts or things to avoid? should we sit down and have a nice meal at monsieur marcel or grub at the diff stands?

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  1. Loteria is a must! I know that the Brazilian place is popular but I've never been. Banana Leaf has it's fans. But my favorite is Loteria - I can't seem to go anywhere else (even for breakfast).


    1. We are going to the Farmer's Market this weekend with friends & plan on going to the Gumbo Pot...we have yet to try the alligator tail filet - maybe this time?!

      1. Wow... You're going to hear widely divergent opinions about where to eat in this area.

        For example, I think Loteria is totally overrated and overpriced, but some people LOVE it.

        The Brazilian and Korean food stalls get good mention, as does the Malaysian place (salads).

        Some people like the falafel at Moishe's food stall.

        Monsieur Marcel is suppose to be good for simple fare (wine and cheese).

        Ulysse's, the Greek restaurant in The Grove, gets good mention too.

        I found the Gumbo Pot to be truly disappointing.

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          i'd be curious to know where ulysses has gotten "good mention." i've eaten there more than once, and the food has never been more than barely mediocre at best.

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            I like Ulysses Voyage a lot, but I usually just order a selection of mezze. They have good dips (skordalia, taramosalata) and a really terrific grilled octopus.

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              ok, now i just might have to give them one last try...it's so hard to find really good grilled octopus or calamari anywhere!

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            The Brazilian food is excellent. I don't bother with anything else.

          3. I have found some of the food at Monsieur Marcel to be so bad as to be inedible. I like Loteria, the malaysian place, the the gumbo pot. The brazilian and greek stands are also decent if you eat there a lot, but not something special enough to warrant a visit if you go there rarely.

            1. Definitely the Brazilian spot. Yumalicious! Don't know the name. I have also eaten at the crepe place and was disappointed every time.

              1. I like Loteria a lot, but would love it if only there prices were $1-$2 cheaper. I just can't help shake the feeling it's a little pricy, but that being said, it's still the best Mexican food that you'll get in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood.

                I like Gumbo Pot, the Korean place, and also the French Crepe place. My favorite not-so-crowded stall is the BBQ pit next to Magee's.

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                  I think Loteria is awesome. I know it gets mixed reviews here on this board but my family and I have started calling them destination tacos. (We are in Huntington Beach) We order a bunch of tacos, get a putcher of beer and people watch all afternoon. As a girl that spent her summers in Mexico this place gives me a warm fuzzy. They are a bit spendy for tacos but worth it.

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                    haha i don't pay attention to the names, i just look at what looks good and decide from there... i also don't really like the bbq place. i found the brisket to be a bit dry and not as flavorful for what you pay.

                    i liked the mexican stall (maybe it's loteria), the one in the middle.. but i thought it was pretty expensive for what you order... but if you're hungry you're hungry...

                    there's a dessert place also in the middle that serves french pastries.. the display looked scrumptious, BUT when i got their chocolate mousse i was sorely disappointed because it tasted like it was 3 days old....

                    i've seen the nice sit down places, which are indeed nice, but part of the appeal of the grove is it's ambiance and people watching... so i like to grab something to go at the farmer's market and then plop myself on a bench somewhere in the grove (not at the farmer's market booths) and enjoy the nice weather and the amusing people watching... i'm easily amused. and hey people watching is instant free entertainment =)

                  2. My favorite is Banana Leaf. Monsieur Marcel has a nice slection of cheese and wines - it depends what your in the mood for. We ate at Kado a few weeks ago (in the Teppen section) and it was quite good. They have an outdoor area that might be nice for a sit down lunch if you are in the mood for Japanese.

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                      I second Banana leaf. I like loteria -- it's great. But, nothing beats Banana leaf.

                    2. My family goes to the Farmer's Market a few times a week and I know about every place. FOr what they are worth, here are my opinions.

                      Charlies - great American "diner style food"
                      DuPar's - same as above in a retro, sit down environment. Their pie is still fantastic.
                      The Gumbo Pot - I think it is really good. People love to throw stones at cajun food.
                      Korean place - just okay
                      The Bannana Leaf - Really like it.
                      Moishe's - Okay, it's not Zankou, but I really like their lamb and all their Middle Eastern salads are really good. If you like Lebanese, you can get a very good meal there.
                      Marcel - way over priced cheese and I too have had inedible food there.
                      The Brazillian buffet - I'm not really a fan. They overwhelm with the buffet, then the meat isn't really that good.
                      Bob's donuts - Awesome
                      Fish Place - fine
                      Phil's deli - for hot food, not as good as Charlie's, but for sandwiches better
                      Magee's - Fantastic Meat plates. Their corned beef is SO good. Good roast beef.
                      Bar-b-que - ehh
                      Chinese Place - kind of fun retro-american/chinese
                      Sushi - a cut above supermarket sushi
                      Loteria - good food, I do get sticker shock from the prices though

                      Part of the ease of going to the FM is that everyone can get something different and then meet bac at the table. We love to go there, enjoy!

                      1. Yes we do all have our opinions! My favorites are:

                        Phil's - get a cheesesteak with fries, real good and this from a person who used to live near Philly
                        Gumbo Pot - very good too. Ok not the sides, but the fried fish plate and the gumbo are worthy
                        Banana Leaf - had something and don't remember but quite flavorful
                        Loteria - get the chicken nachos or the mole tacos
                        Brazilian - personally thought the meat tasted great, you can't get this kind of Brazilian BBQ experience for this cheap (just watch your eyes being larger than your stomach and lay off too many starches)
                        Marcel - it's true, their warm goat cheese salad was the worst example of this I ever had and yes their store prices are too high. But the environment is charming for an outdoor dining experience.

                        Good luck!
                        (ps: I liked your method of organizing markethej, sorry for copying :)

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                          BTW the Brazilian buffet place is called PAMPAS

                        2. loteria or gumbo pot. and finish with some dessert from bob's donuts.

                          1. Loteria Grill (try the potatoe taquitos).
                            Ulysses Greek restaurant has great salads, dips, fish entrees and gyros.

                            1. I like the French crepe place, the Gumbo Pot, and Loteria Grill.

                              I do think Loteria Grill is kind of expensive when compared with your typical Mexican places ($10 for two tacos and an agua fresca is borderline ridiculous), but man, the I can't turn down the mole there for the life of me. It's pretty darn good. The owner of Loteria Grill has plans to open up a full-service restaurant sometime this fall... hopefully that justifies the extra $ they are charging.

                              1. I've been eating at Farmers Mkt for a very long time. My first job was there, like others have said there is something for everyone. I love Moishes, their kebabs are good and their salads are great. Get their muhammara, spicy but delicious. If you want good shrimp cocktail go to the seafood market, not the stand, where they sell fresh fish, get some of the large fresh cooked shrimp and some of their cocktail sauce. One of the few places that sell fresh cooked shrimp. Love the green salad at the gumbo pot with their pecan dressing. Like the others said the donuts are great. But don't miss, whatever you do, the fresh english toffee at Little Johns. Freshly made at the stand the best around. Enjoy

                                1. Banana Leaf, Gumbo Pot, and the Brazilian place. If you go Brazilian, here's a tip: don't load up on the beef, which is good but not great - but DO NOT miss the chicken wrapped in bacon - it's heaven on a skewer! Also, I'm sure you'd figure this out yourself when you got there, but it's important to know that you pay by weight - so don't get more than you want to eat (as is so easy to do at a buffet).

                                  1. Loteria, Banana Leaf are the best. I think the Brazilian place is over-rated and expensive and the buzz is on - there is always a super long line when i'm there. The trick to the Korean place is order a steak next store at the butcher, have the butcher season it, and the koran place will grill it for you and give you two sides for not too much $. My husband is a steak snob and he loves it.

                                    1. 95% of the time I go to the Grove, I eat at the Brazilian place. I love it. I find it be fairly healthy, you get some veggie and some meat.

                                      1. The Brazilian buffet is not worth the price. You never know what will be there, and the meats are often overcooked and unseasoned. Once I had delicious chicken, but not since. And yes, pay by the pound is not often a good idea.

                                        Loteria has good food at above average prices for local Mexican. BUT, everything in the FM is a bit over what you might pay elsewhere in LA. It's still some great food.

                                        I like the Gumbo pot. Alligator, shrimp, oysters etc. A decent po' boy and sides for only $6 is completely worth it.

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                                          So, I've revisited the Brazilian buffet since my first post. Yesterday I PAID for our meals (last time I was treated to a meal) at the Brazilian place and found it to be pretty pricey. I had the spicy chicken and a bunch of sides (nothing extraordinary.. go for the meat), which was perhaps a bit OVERseasoned but not overcooked. The meat was pretty damn juicy and flavorful. Overall, the food was delicious but the $$$ made it seem mediocre. I do like the variety here though.

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                                            Know what you mean. It's easy to go overboard with buffet/salad bars. Last time my husband and I had a meal for just under $15 for the two of us. But I had piled on a TON of food because it was our first time there.

                                            All in all, if you were to compare it to going to a restaurant, you still save a lot of $$$!! The meat is good quality and tasty, and I like their variety of vegetables.

                                            Thought their mahi-mahi and chicken stroganoff were weak, though.

                                        2. French Crepe place is our go-to most of the time.

                                          1. I like Kokomo's - the cuban fried chicken salad is to die for!