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May 15, 2007 09:01 PM

Espresso and Peanut Butter

Has anyone experimented with espresso (commercial machine) and pb? If so, any success, or suggestions? Thanks!

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    1. I haven't personally, but it's worth noting that both Troy Reynard (Cosmic Cup, Easton, PA) and Jay Caragay (Spro, Towson, MD) employed a PBJ theme as their signature drinks in the Mid
      Atlantic Barista Competitions, this past March. Jay advanced to the finals with his. You can Google either for contact info and I imagine they'll be happy to discuss.

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      1. re: Panini Guy

        This actually sounds like a decent sig drink idea, potentially. So many of them sound, frankly, disgusting- lemon curd in espresso? Ginger syrup? Bob Blumer participated in the Canadian Barista Championships for a Food TV-Canada show (it might be on in the US too) called "Glutton for Punishment," and despite his being coached in boot camp for a week with none other than Sammy Piccolo, his latte art (for example) was pretty laughable- thing is, he is a CHEF and as he said, he knows food and the baristas do not. His sig drink was a spicy chocolate concoction and he actually ended up coming in third. Espresso marries well with a lot of flavours but some of the barista champ ones (including most of those I read about at the USBC earlier this month) are very poory thought out.

        1. re: John Manzo

          One of our baristas did a ginger drink in the regionals and the USBC (no, Matt's not one of ours). It was surprisingly good. Used a tiny amount of ginger preserves muddled with espresso and topped with a ginger cream (which was outrageously good on its own) in a chocolate/ginger-rimmed cordial glass. I don't know if I'd order that off a menu, but having tasted a few, it's really pretty good.

          Had heard about the Canadian thing... some folks seemed pretty P.O.'d about an interloper making the finals..

      2. My favorite shake has pb and coffee (usually with coffee ice cream or coffee and ice cream), so I don't see why you could blend it with espresso instead of or in addition coffee.

        Or by "experimenting" did you mean just sticking a spoonful of pb in a cup of espresso and stirring it? You certainly couldn't put pb in the machine...

        1. How about a chocolate/espresso cake with a peanutbutter/espresso frosting?

          1. Mocha PB Latte
            Double shot of espresso
            1 tsp of smooth peanut butter
            Chocolate syrup
            Combine the espresso, peanut butter and syrup. Top with steamed milk.

            Add a shot of espresso to chocolate cupcakes, then fill and/or top w/ pb frosting.

            Here's another drink for ya!

            Protein Shake

            This cake


            PB Loco makes a flavor

            Chocolate PB Pound Cake