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Seattle Restaurant in July - Any Help?

My girlfriend and I are taking a quick trip to Seattle (from Atlanta) in July and we'd like a nice relaxed dinner on a Saturday night. We're staying at The Westin (Hotwire.com ROCKS!) I've not seen any recent posts on the subject of mid-range dining so I thought I'd ask around! I've seen the accolades for Mistral and Rover's but those seem a little out of our price range. Just through online searching I've found Flying Fish, Chez Shea, and Dahlia. Any hits there? I'm very adventurous, but the girlfriend is not the type to dive into raw oysters or foie gras (though she will down some bourbon if given the chance! - you win some, you lose some I suppose) but that's our situation. Local, seasonal is always a good thing. Absolutely NO CHAINS! We're probably looking to spend around $150 on the 2 of us; $200 would be the tip top of the price range - including drinks :-) Thanks in advance, see ya in July...

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  1. take your gf to Vessel for their specialty bourbon cocktail (topped w/ maple syrup foam), then (since you list pork shoulder as a fave food) you could walk a block to Tulio for their pork shank. Closer to the Westin (across the st) you can try the happy hour at Barolo (get some burrata there if they have it). For something more adventurous, try Crush. Not a particular fan of Dahlia. PS with a handle like HaagenDazs, be sure to check out some of Seattle's gelato places, like Gelatiamo.

    1. Try the Palace Kitchen. It's just a couple blocks from the Westin, it's run by a famous local chef, Tom Douglas, and it's the perfect combination of nice yet casual. They are known for their rotisserie foods (delicious chicken!) but I have a hard time passing up the pork & chard-stuff ravioli for an appetizer. They also have a fantastic bar. Check out their menu at tomdouglas.com.

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        This is a great idea and a very close walk (2 blocks)
        Cafe Campagne for weekend brunch (get the French French toast)
        Go down the Pike Place Hillclimb for lunch at El Puerco Lloron.

      2. I'd recommend Cafe Campagne at Pike Place Market. Not Campagne which is upstairs and pricey but the cafe downstairs. French food, nice space, in the market... Can't beat it.

        By the way, Tulio's is actually a chain of sorts. I know there's at least one in Portland.

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          are you sure about Tulio in portland? I haven't been able to find any mention of it on the web, or any indication that the Tulio in Seattle has any other branches (aside from its connection to Troiani in Seattle). Can you point us to a link? TIA

        2. Just a bump - leaving next week ;-) Thanks!

          1. Here's my comments on comments and a recommendation or two:

            Skip funky bourbon drinks (you live way too near small- batchland) but check out great NW wines. Palace Kitchen is ok but Tom Douglas' best venture is Lola--across the street from the Westin--which has a kickass menu. Crush is way good but a cab ride.

            Tulio is a very good Italian restaurant but it's still Italian, if you know what I mean. Foods from the sea are what's going on during the summer here so chekc out Flying Fish or Zoe--you may still catch Yukon River salmon on the menu.

            1. You didn't mention if you would have a car. I think Dahlia Lounge is a great place for PNW cusine. Tom Douglas has 5 restaurants downtown: Dahlia, Palace Kitchen, Etta's, Lola, and Serious Pie (a pizza place). Dahlia was the first and the most NW in my opinion. Lola is quite good but more Mediterranean than NW.

              Flying Fish is always good imo. It is also in the Belltown neighborhood so you can go bar hopping afterward if you like.

              Have lunch in the Market (Pike Place Market). There are all sorts of little places to try and sample local produce. You also have to see the guys through the fish as part of the tourist experience. Sample some Ranier cherries. Stop by the mini donut shop near it. You'll thank me later.

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                Yes on the car, we will have one; thanks everyone!

              2. I just had dinner at Dahlia and it was very good. The bill was just in your range with apertif cocktails & apps, 2 entrees and wine with dinner. Then the waiter talked us into the fresh donuts with vanilla mascarpone and jam. Yum. Its very Pacific Northwest, and inventive as well. Tom Douglas tries to use a lot of local ingredients.
                However, I also really enjoy Steelhead diner in Pike Place Market (an easy walk- this is a very walkable town!). Note- its not really a diner- its much much better! $100 bill w/o dessert. They literally get all their igredients from the market. http://www.steelheaddiner.com/
                Also if you want a less expensive and quicker breakfast than Cafe Campagne or Etta, try the Crepe place in the market back by Delaurentis. They are really really good and satisfying (i love the fresh tomato, basil, mozz one- my hubbie likes the fruity ones).
                For inexpensive but good Chinese try House of Hong in the international district. The lemon chicken is great, and they have dim sum all week like 11-4 or something.
                Also call ahead and make reservations for Sat nite, even day of is ok, and better than an inevitable wait!

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                  Good call on the dim sum, beach bum - sounds perfect for a Sunday if you ask me!!! Are they open on Sunday?

                  Again, thanks all - keep the recs coming if you got 'em! I'm looking for a pick with a high vote; can anyone second (or third) any of the above picks? They all sound too great! How can I decide?!

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                    Drinks: go to Vessel. It is definitely one of the best places for cocktails in the US.
                    Dinner or lunch: Matt's in the Market in Pikes Place (of course) very Seattle and very good food.
                    Dinner: I second Crush and close by there is another good restaurant-Harvest Vine (tapas).
                    Other dinner places that I would recommend that are within 10 min or so include Sitka and Spruce in Eastlake but you must get there very early to get a table and Lark on Capitol Hill/Central Area-ish.

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                      I should add that Flying Fish is probably the best local seafood place and they definitely feature local ingredients. I think the PI or Times recently reviewed it, too.

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                        Any good, inexpensive Sunday dinners in or in between downtown and the airport? I'm not sure who's open and who's not. Some restaurants here in ATL, for instance have Sunday specials of a 3 course prie fixe for a reduced price. Our plane leave Seattle at 11:00 pm, so we've got time... talk about red eye back to Atlanta! I'm looking for cheaper rather than special occasion, being a quick dinner before a flight.

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                          Inexpensive would probably be a stop in the International District (ID) for Chinese or Vietnamese food. Lot's of good options. Seven Stars Pepper Szechuan Restaurant is still good. Tamrind Tree or Green Leaf for Vietnamese.

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                        I think so, but not sure times and what not. They have a website.