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May 15, 2007 07:08 PM

Father's Day Tour Planned/Famous Fat Dave Take Notes

Although Famous Fat Dave has some intriguing tours, I've been doing the same tours myself forever and have a long standing tradition of taking my brother and father on my own unique tour for Father's day (and my bro's birthday). I'm still in the planning stage this year so I thought I'd bounce it off the crowd. Here goes: I'm thinking we start on the LES at Essex Street Market (will have to be a Saturday) to try a hunk of Grayson cheese from Saxelby Cheesemongers. This is like eating a combo of pure butter and cream. Next cross the street to Castillo de Jagua for a great cubano (although I believe they're Dominican). Then drive straight up Park Ave across Central Park at 85th to Amsterdam and 86th for Barney Greengrass sturgeon on a toasted onion bagel with butter. Though my bro wants to go back to Charles' Southern for fried chicken I say head north and east on Central Park North to 1st Avenue and 117th for a Patsy's pizza pie (or maybe do both). Drive Dad home to Queens but don't forget to stop at Eddie's Sweet Shop on Metropolitan Avenue for the greatest chocolate malted in the 5 boroughs in an authentic ice cream shop circa 1920. Top that FF Dave.

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  1. no booze? this is a serious shortcoming. my dad and my godfather are gone but they would insist on a red snapper at the king cole bar, a martini at the oak bar (i know, i know) or a manhattan at 21.

    1. I'm flattered. I'd love that tour myself. Saxelby is one of my favorite cheesemongers and Grayson is one of my favorite cheeses. Actually, I love every single place on your tour, especially Charles'. No, especially Eddie's. But I'm ashamed to admit I've never been to Barney Greengrass. My cousin just got a place 10 blocks from there so we'll check it out. Until then, don't tell anyone I've never been there. It'd ruin my street cred.

      1. Well we did it. I changed the itinerary though for geographic and time constraints (Dad can't get around like he used to). Unfortunately my bro, the light weight, couldn't keep up with me and dad. The Magical Gluttony Tour went like this all in 2 hours: First stop-Daisy May's for bowls o' red and a pulled pork sandwich. Zipped up to Barney Greengrass for a couple of toasted buttered onion bagels with sturgeon-cut across the park for the original Papaya King followed by Sassy's Sliders. Then to Wu Liang Ye on 86th for dan dan noodles, szechuan dumplings , camphor tea smoked duck and pork fried rice. My bro was dying by that point. As he tried to walk it off, we finished up at Patsy's in harlem for a couple of slices. Unfortunately I had to cross off buffalo wings at Back Page Sports Bar and also missed chocolate malts for dessert at Lexington Avenue Candy Shop but my bro needed medical attention. WARNING:This tour is only for professional eaters. Waddya say Famous Fat Dave?