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May 15, 2007 06:22 PM

New Crave Cupcakes (Cgy)

The new location of Crave Cookies and Cupcakes is now open in the Mt Royal Block, the brand new building at 17th Ave and 7 St SW. It's in a tiny retail space- they don't even bake there, they do all the baking in their expanded space in Kensington (that one took over the wig shop next door). I thought they'd be in one of the larger bays, but no, the tiny one to the right (west) of the main entrance. No signage yet so it's tough to see.

I know folks here either love or hate Crave, but I'm a lover and I'm thrilled to have these folks open closer to home (for me, I live in Bankview). Open Tues-Sat 11-8.

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  1. I agree - I also live close and can't wait. I have tried the "other" cupcake place but still like Crave best. It will be very dangerous for me having them only two blocks from home. I have trouble enough not stopping at Janice Beaton, Callebaut, the bakery and all of the other lovely food temptations in the area already.

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    1. re: higgika

      'other"=buttercream? I hope they stick around- I can't say I care for their cupcakes but they do have a great chocolate selection and I'd hate to see the revolving door at that location keep spinning. Can Calgary support two cupcake sellers on one strip? We'll see.

      1. re: John Manzo

        Yes "other" = buttercream. Well guess what - it was a very short wait. Crave opened on Friday and I walked by today. One chocolate chocolate and one lemon lime. Yum yum.

        1. re: higgika

          Higgika or anybody- how are the cupcakes at Decadent Desserts (across the street from MEC)? They look good but I've not enjoyed anything from DD- well i had a slice of cake at Steeps that was from there but the pastries I got from their old location were always poor.

          1. re: John Manzo

            i haven't tried their cupcakes - we've been so disappointed in their cakes - way too rich and the icing is really just a slab of butter, no flavour at all.

            i'm not a huge fan of crave either they are a bit heavy - we need a cupcakes from vancouver - light and moist and delicious icing...(haven't tried buttercream yet, they are never open when i walk by)

            1. re: John Manzo

              I recently tried the chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganache icing from DD. It was good, but smaller than crave for the same price and most of the cupcake ended up on the paper so I'm less than thrilled with it. My vote crave1, buttercream2, DD3 if you can't get to the other ones.

      2. I think Crave is a little overrated. Their peanut butter icing is good on the chocolate cupcake... but I don't like the price or the wait time that comes with all that hype.

        1. I'm a lover of crave too, though the post crave guilt is pretty massive!

          I walked past last night at around 6pm and they had sold everything except for one raspberry chocolate cupcake... it was very tasty.

          Looks like they are selling out pretty frequently which I think is great because they have a pretty half decent product to sell!

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          1. re: foxyfreckles

            All things considered, I think this is good for the ave. The unfortunate thing about the Mt Royal Block is that it was supposed to replace the cute, unique, boutique-style businesses that were demolished with something similar- and what we got was second-floor "restaurant" space that became office space instead, a huge Shoppers that was supposed to only comprise the far east side of the buillding but which is in fact about 45% of the project's street frontage, and now, or so I hear, to remaining big storefronts next to Manie's will BOTH be HSBC. Crave and that new clothing store are the only things that come close to duplicating what was there before.

            1. re: John Manzo

              I hear you about the frontage, there used to be a pretty cool used clothing store and a great bagel place when I went to highschool down there. I was pretty disappointed when I moved back and found those had been torn down and closed.

              I suppose thats just the way things go, though I didn't know it was going to be an HSBC, that is VERY disappointing. I suppose it's hard for small boutiques to afford that kind of shop in that location though.

              With that indigo lite store going across the street the area is going to get a little more chainy... I hope it doesn't change too much more!

              1. re: foxyfreckles

                I agree on all points, and would say even more adamantly that a bank is a horrible choice for this property. Banks close early, are not open for most or all of the weekends, and as such provide only dead, pedestrian-unfriendly elements. There are enough banks on 17th already. There's talk of HSBC taking new space on Kensington Rd too- this really upsets me.

                I can more calmy accept the Shoppers- it's open late and daily and makes for foot traffic. Same with Indigo, potentially. But the bank- no.

                Cupcakes- yes, very much! Hooray for cupcakes! Now if we only had a single decent coffee bar in 17th (Caffe Beano is NOT decent) we'd be getting somewhere.

                1. re: John Manzo

                  maybe we could convince phil & sebstian to open up a little shop...i've been out of their coffee for almost 3 weeks now!! must get to the market tomorrow!!!

                  1. re: pants

                    buck off coffee beans today (maybe all weekend) if you buy a drink at S+B!

                    Sebastian tells me he's "working with" Janice Beaton to turn things around at Beano, but the last time I was there, the espresso I got (pulled by Ms B herself) was so bad (underextracted garbage, a "gusher" as they say) that I refused to pay for it and walked out- so Janice if you're reading this, I was the guy!

                  2. re: John Manzo

                    I hate to somewhat disagree, but as someone who used to live very close to 17th ave, I can appreciate the additional bank opening there. It drove me nuts how banks were closing branches downtown a few years ago.

                    And I don't really mind the office space. It brings more people in for lunch traffic, which long term will be a very good thing for the area.

            2. Hey just to let you know Crave didn't take over the Wig shop (oceana) nextdoor, they took over the photography shop on the other side (focus photo). Just thought i'd let you know that.

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              1. re: morganmck

                Thanks for the correction.

                And further to this discussion- the "new" Caffe Beano is great!!!

                1. re: John Manzo

                  I agree with Beano. I was there yesterday for a latte and while I have nowhere near the expertise of the coffeehounds I did enjoy it and the coffee art was very artsy.

              2. We went to crave a few times after a trip to Kensington..with 2 kids it's always an event.
                4 of us got 4 cupcakes...we all tried them and own are better. I am not great chef either. I think they are dry and the icing is gritty...we were very disappointed.

                We thought they were having an off day and went back ...nope better off to make your own.

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                1. re: kritafo

                  I bought Crave mini cupcakes for my DD's third birthday today and the kids were thrilled. And I was thrilled at not having to spend a whole day making my own.

                  As a home baker one thing I'm still working on is a good icing that will stay set and smooth... Crave doesn't have the smoothest icing but it's also not overly sweet(unlike a lot of commercial bakeries) - something I find quite appealing. I also like the icing flavours - strawberry was a big hit with the kids and the adults loved the eggnog. The cake in the cupcake though... the jury is still out on... texture and crumb are good, although lighter than I expected.... the chocolate cake needs (maybe it's me) more chocolate.

                  Oh, and I found Pop Shoppe Pop at Crave today! and in the original glass bottles! I grew up down the street from a Pop Shoppe and I haven't seen it in years so I was thrilled and brought home a dozen: Orange, Pineapple and Cream Soda flavours. No HFCS in this stuff *woohoo* ok I don't usually get this excited about a soda but they just don't make them like this anymore :)

                  1. re: maplesugar

                    Does Crave make a good cupcake - I'd agree and say yes I suppose they do. It was a smart business move to copy a trend, and they've done a good job of it. However I think Latruwe, Urban Baker, Ladybug produce a better product dollar to dollar that is more indulgent and lux.

                    Maplesugar - I'd agree the chocolate needs work. For me Crave is best at fufilling that yellow cake with icing desire - simple, moist and sweet. Everything a twinkie is meant to be but isn't.

                  2. re: kritafo

                    For me the icing is way to sweet still and the cupcakes are too dry, but people are willing to pay for them so good for them!

                    I forgot the only thing I went back for was a cake stand that I walked away from then had to have, whimsical and fun.

                    Pop Shoppe...did I hear correct that they are only doing 4 of the flavours though?

                    1. re: kritafo

                      Crave is carrying Pop Shoppe Cream Soda, Pineapple, Orange, (which I bought last weekend) and if I remember correctly, Black Cherry, Root Beer and Cola. :)