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May 15, 2007 06:16 PM

Chinatown Dim sum for one,please

I am visiting Chinatown on saturday,and will be by myself.Please suggest places I can go to try decent dim sum solo.I realize the weekends are a busy time in CT...and that I may have to share a table ....also I am not a strict timetable,so if a late lunchtime may free up table space I am willing to go later,if I can sit without a crowd.Any all day dimsum places will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Hi nyct,

    I think Dim Sum Go Go in Chinatown will be a good choice for you. It offers Hong Kong styled dim sum which are lighter in sauce or oil and smaller in size as compared to the traditional styled dim sum. I have been there mulitple times and their dim sum are always fresh steamed to order and very delicious.

    The best part for you is that Dim Sum Go Go offers a dim sum platter (one with meat and one in vegetarian) that includes 10 pieces of different types of dim sum. I think this is perfect for solo dining as you can sample 10 types as supposed just 3 or 4 a la carte items. They serve dim sum ALL DAY everyday, but for weekend this place gets very crowded over lunch time, so go early (like 11am) or visit later (after 2:30pm) to avoid a long line or a crowd.

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      I've been to dim sum go go by myself for a weekday lunch. I ordered the dim sum platter and an ordered of the steamed pork buns (my favorite dim sum dish anywhere). The dumplings and buns were small, so the meal was about the perfect size for one person.

      If you prefer to order off of carts, you should know that this place is menu-style. In general, I prefer carts, but I think that ordering off the menu is easier when I'm solo.

    2. I agree with the dim sum go go suggestion - very good dim sum, and easy to order for only one person. They are very busy on weekends, but could probably squeeze one person in at one of the big tables upstairs (you'd be sharing a table, but this is pretty normal at dim sum places in Chinatown). I also recommend the dim sum sampler mentioned by kobetobiko, great way to try a lot of things!