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May 15, 2007 06:13 PM

Borgata - Sea Blue Restaurant - what to eat?

I am going to the Borgata in AC this weekend and will be eating at Sea Blue Restaurant - anyone been and have suggestions of what to eat?

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  1. While I've never been, I hear that the lobster pot pie is Mina's signature dish.

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    1. re: bgut1

      I was there this weekend the lobster pot pie is tremendous...

      1. re: timmy

        great! was it very heavy/creamy? any appetizers you suggest? dessert? thanks!

        1. re: JMRB

          I hear its very heavy and VERY expensive.

          1. re: bgut1

            it was not that heavy at all. as an appy we had the manilla clams, for dessert we had an assortment of sorbets and the chocolate trio

            1. re: timmy

              Obviously I will defer to Timmy as he has had it and I haven't. I just recall reading somewhere when I was planning to dine at Michael Mina at the Bellagio that the dish was very rich.

    2. If you want the full Michael Mina experience, get some raw appetizers and the lobster pie. Throw in a Cable Car from the bar at NobHill in vegas and ...

      Alternatively, I did have a wonderful tasting menu at Michael Mina at the Bellagio, so if they offer one the night you are there it is worth considering.

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      1. re: seal

        Hey seal - Didn't Mina also have a root beer float and chocolate chip cookie dessert? BTW, my trip was back in 2006. While we stayed at the Bellagio, the only restaurant we tried there was the noodle restaurant for lunch (quite solid). We did however get to try Nobu at the Hard Rock (very good - but standard Nobu fare), Delmonico (Excellent), and Restaurant Alex (horrible and a rip off). I was comped two nights for a future Bellagio stay so maybe I'll get a chance to try MM after all. Thanks for the advice.

      2. Chiliean Sea Bass - Miso Glazed was excellent
        Sea Scallops dish was excellent too

        Dessert - Chocolate Chip Cookies /milkshake - was amazing. really you have to get it

        The lobster pot pie was $100 and looked like way more trouble then it was worth.. 2 severs come to the table just to crack the pot open and plate the dish for you .. whatever

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        1. re: eatingaround

          must of been a newbie... when we were there it was one srver without any problems...anyway is that a reason not to order it??

          1. re: timmy

            not a reason not to order it....but it seemed to be more production/$$$ then it could truly be worth.. I guess I prefer to be more low key..So in your opinion would you order it again ?

            1. re: eatingaround

              absolutely... it was a wonderful meal

              1. re: eatingaround

                I am of the opinion that there are few things that aren't at least worth trying. Get one other entree and share the pot pie.

                And, not that it means anything, but to answer your question;
                yes, I would order it again.

                1. re: seal

                  Seal, may I ask how much your check was when you were there and what else you ate?

                  1. re: tuxedo

                    lol - I understand.

                    Actually I have watched the price of the lobster pot pie rise from $50 to $100 over the years, and at each point I still thought it was expensive and still ordered it and enjoyed it.

                    The one time I had it at Sea Blue I was eating with a friend who had just won a big poker tournament and, although he did not even let me see the check, I'm sure he spent over $1,000 for the four of us.

                    We had most of the raw apps and shared 4 entrees and the only complaint was with the Loup de Mer. We also shared desserts, including the "root beer float" and loved them all. Of course, by then we were royally soused.

                    1. re: seal

                      Seal - $1,000.00 ... you've got to teach me how to really pay poker. Other than the pot pie and the root beer float what else would you recommend someone order. I've wanted to make a special trip down to AC to try SeaBlue bu have hesitated (price, decor, location off the casino floor, etc.). I'd feel better having your recommendations. Thanks.

                      1. re: bgut1

                        bgut1 - I am with you - I need to learn how to play poker or maybe I can become friends with Seal's friend!!!

                        1. re: bgut1

                          Just so you know, the 1k dinner price did include a few bottles of good wine as well ;o)

                          I'm not sure I would make a special trip down to AC just to eat at SeaBlue though. For now I would rank it at the bottom of Michael Mina's joints. But if you absolutely cannot make it to Vegas or Frisco anytime in the near future, it is still a taste of MM's cuisine.

                          I heard rumors about a tasting menu, but it was not in effect when we were there.

                          I have been to all MM's places and think that he excels at raw and barely cooked fish, but I once had a fine steak at his place in the Bellagio as well.

                          1. re: seal

                            I stayed in SF last Summer at the St Francis and didnt get a chance to eat at his place in that hotel..:-( Im sure it is much better than Sea Blue too
                            Best Steak at the Bellagio - PRIME ..

                            1. re: eatingaround

                              Its funny that you both mention having fantastic steaks in Vegas. Having been to most of the 'best' steakhouses in the city, the best steak dinner I ever had was in Emeril's Delmonico in the Venetian.

                              1. re: bgut1

                                my first Vegas Steak House dinner/experience was Emerils Delmonico and it too was excellent, but Prime was just a notch better

                            2. re: seal

                              Seal - Thanks for your post. Maybe now I will not make a special trip. Looking at the photos of the restaurant I found online it was not set up like the other MM places (less formal). The menu however sounds fantastic and I would have trouble not ordering one of everything. Its clear Mina designed the menu that way since he offers various tastings of his more popular dishes (I beleive trios). I had done a search on Flickr to find a nice set of pixs from a dinner at MM SF. This meal showed every course consisting of multiple tastings (say 4 to six) on beautifully sectioned plates. My idea of a perfect meal. I was hoping Sea Blue was the same. Obviously I am wrong. Could you provide anymore insight? Is there any other AC restaurant you would make the trek for? Vola or Flay perhaps? Thanks.

                              1. re: bgut1

                                My situation is that I live nearly equidistant from nyc and ac so if I am just going out for dinner it is an easy choice. AC is still not a culinary destination by any means.

                                I would rather drive to get a falafel on St Mark's Pl in the east village than go to eat anything in AC. And for high end cuisine, there is no contest.

                                Having said too much already ;o) I do believe that this is slowly changing and will continue to do so. Also, if you have not yet tried chef Vola's cuisine you should do so. I would save Flay and Mina for other times. Also, for high fat, low end indulgences the downstairs food court at Borgata has both Tony Luke's and Fatburger.

                                1. re: seal

                                  Seal, are you a monmouth county resident?

                                  1. re: tuxedo

                                    Went to Sea Blue last night and had another tremendous meal. We started with the trio sampler of the fried and steamed appy's. Then had the Fruits de mer in the clay pot and the halibut. ended with the hawaiian donuts

              2. LOVE SEA BLUE! Love sitting at the bar sans reservation, ordering a bunch of appys and sharing an entree, usually the the bone in steak, which is better than most of the steaks at Bobby Flay's next door.
                TWO MUST TRY APPYS ARE:
                Steamed clams; come in this amazing thai style broth. At kleast 2 dz clams and when you finish them you can't help but drink up every last drop of the broth. Ask for extra bread for dunking!
                Tuna Tartare appetizer is the best I ever had, and I've tried this at hundreds of other restauurants. I promise! ENJOY!