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May 15, 2007 05:42 PM

Is the food any good at cinema eateries like Studio Movie Grill?

I'm doing research for a story to run on, and was wondering if anyone's been to these places popping up like Movie Tavern, Studio Movie Grill, etc.

Is the food good? Are the ingredients fresh, the choices somewhat interesting? Have you gotten alcohol there, and if so how are the drinks?

Any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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  1. Um, no. The drinks are watered down and taste off. The food runs the usual mediocre gamut-- cardboard pizza and microwaved chicken fingers. At least at Studio Movie Grill.

    I will say that the fare at Alamo Drafthouse in Austin is marginally better. In fact their pizza can be good, but only within the range of frozen pizzas.

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      I wouldn't normally order alcohol there if I were to go see a movie there. They totally water down their drinks like vktp said.

      If you end up at one of their grand opening events, it's quite great. They are extra generous, but for obvious reasons...

      I'll give Alamo Drafthouse props for the fun events they throw (check out their site). Also, Studio Movie Grill has pretty comfy seats.

    2. Alamo Drafthouse in San Antonio is the only one I can comment on... and it has been two years since I was there. I remember a relatively good BLT sandwich and yummy sangria. I don't think anyone would go specifically for the food, but I wouldn't eat before heading to one of these theatres either.

      1. I was at Movie Tavern this past weekend. The food was ok, nothing great. Selections were pretty decent, burgers, salads, steaks, chicken, other assorted sandwiches. I had a monte cristo, which wasn't bad, but not great. Mr B had a burger that was overcooked. Fries were good and hot and crispy. I had a glass of wine, which was exactly that.
        Prices were a bit steep, but honestly, I expected that. In reality though, we only spent 20 bucks more than we would normally spend at a theater with just popcorn and drinks, so I can't complain. I'd much rather go and have ok food than a regular theater.

        1. You go to Studio Movie Grill for the novelity for drinking and watching a film not for eating. The food is a collection of fried, frozen and forgettable. I've yet to eat anything there that I couldn't find in a sports bar and it's a bit over priced.

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