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May 15, 2007 05:27 PM

Fried Chicken for a Big BBQ

I want to fry enough chicken to feed about 15 to 20 people for a summer BBQ. Anyone have suggestions how to pull it off? Am told it can be served at room temperature, but am trying to figure out how to fry it. Have access to a turkey fryer, but can't find any info. on how much chicken to put in at one time and how long it would have to cook. Am envisioning pieces of chicken, not whole birds. Anyone have any suggestions??? Thanks.

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  1. All I do know is that if you're going to use a turkey fryer, use it outdoors far away from the house. Preferably in the grass away from anything else. A friend of mine set his deck on fire. Not fun.

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      I think it would be better to make oven fried chicken for such a crowd. To cook chicken properly takes a good deal of time and attention, not to mention having to strain and/or replace the oil as you cook, etc. I would prepare it as you normally would (brine or buttermilk soak, double dip in seasoned flour) and fry it until nice and brown and crispy, then finish it off in the oven. You get the taste of fried, and yet you can keep working in batches and load up the oven. Good luck!