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May 15, 2007 05:13 PM

The Green Onion -- Norfolk

I had the night alone tonight and thought I'd head down to Colley Avenue for dinner and a movie. I decided to try The Green Onion. It was a beautiful night tonight and the patio was full at 6 when I walked in. Inside was almost empty, only one table was occupied. I headed for the bar.

Nice wine, beer and martini menu and a full bar. I ordered an Argentinian Malbec rose and perused the menu. It's a small menu. Only 4 starters -- a cheese board with about 10-12 cheeses, mussles, cheese & crab dip and mushroom fries.

For salads, there were five or six from a mixed salad to roasted beets.

Only five entrees that I can recall -- beef tenderloin, salmon, scallops, ribeye and lamb. I thought it was interesting that there wasn't any chicken or veggie options. Ranged from $18 to $22. I ordered the scallops. Six seared scallops with a sweet chile glaze, coconut sticky rice and green beans with sesame seeds. It was ok. Didn't come up hot, which was a disappointment.

I wasn't wowed. But, I would give it another try. If I have the same experience, I won't be back.

When can we do a Norfolk meetup? Email me at if you're interested.

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  1. I haven't been to The Green Onion but your review of it is nearly identical to what one of my friends said. Some things were really good, others just ok. Not terribly impressive, a little pricy for what you get, etc. I live right in the neighborhood and I always think their chalkboard specials sound good but I'm completely hesitant to try someplace that is just ok.

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      Totally! For that money, I'd much rather have a meal at Empire or Crackers.

      On another note, I had lunch at the new location of Harry's BBQ today. It was just so-so. I remember it being better in it's old location. But, I live just a block away, so must support a local joint. It's a major change with wait staff, real plates and glasses. I'm hoping they're just finding their groove.

      1. re: geg5150

        I work right downtown and haven't been into the new location yet. Somehow, I can't imagine Harry's with waiters... Are they still offering carry-out?

        1. re: Faraway11

          They do still have take out. I noticed that the prices went up, and with the tip for the server, the cost is definitely more. My pork sandwich, tea and green beans was $8.79 with the tip $11. Not the super cheap lunch of the past. And they're working out kinks too...the service was a little sketchy, but it's obvious that they know it and they're working on it. For example, no refill on my empty glass of tea, no napkins, etc.

    2. Well if you haven't been to The Green Onion lately you don't know what your missing! The original chef from last summer is back and it shows that she knows what she's doing! Now open for lunch, with things like a "really good burger" and the best pomme frittes i've ever had! Their beer list has expanded as well... For dinner I had a grilled pear salad with gorgonzola and their scallop entree with purple rice and lobster meat! I can't wait to come in for lunch, and their brunch menu looks pretty mouth watering as well.

      1. I've been to the green onion several times since it opened. It always seems to have a new chef and is supposed to be "better," but unfortunately, as much as I want to like it, I have had very inconsistent and mixed experiences. Some things are okay, some are just not good at all. Nothing is really good. Service has been spotty as well.