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May 15, 2007 05:05 PM

Sarasota Suggestions?

My understanding is Fast Eddie's Place on Anna Maria is a a good destination for a scenic drive followed by good food and that Coasters restaurant, just off Siesta on Stickney Point Road, offers good seafood. Are there any other restaurants worth driving to from Sarasota? Seafood would be ideal, but any suggestions are appreciated, including breakfast, lunch, dinner. Of course, anything closer and right in Sarasota are better - - thanks!

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  1. Been in Sarasota for 6 years and never heard of Fast Eddie's Place and have never been to Coasters, so I guess they are not too famous.......
    I think you need to try Yoders for wonderful home cookin, Drydock for very good fish, or Star Fish Co in Cortez for excellent fish sandwiches.

    1. Fast Eddies is now called the Waterfront Restaurant. I have not been there since the owners changed. Coasters is not considered a great place to go by anyone I know and the last time I was there (7 years ago) it was terrible. If you are looking for a waterfront place you might try the Dry Dock on Longboat Key or the New Pass bait shop right next to the bridge to Longboat Key. They have some very good food. Being on the water almost never means good food in this area.

      1. Glad I asked ... thanks.