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superlean ground beef by the pound?

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any ideas? there are patties at TJs but i was wondering who sells it by the pound -- 95, 96% fat free

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  1. Costco sells it frozen-5 pound package divided into 1lb rolls. We like it.

    1. trader joes and whole foods sells it by the pound. TJ's is prepackaged in one-pound packages that are about $3 (in the meat section - not the frozen section). whole foods runs a bit higher like b/w $3.99 - $5.99 lb.

      1. albertson's - at least the ones in santa monica and marina del rey - sells 96% both in patties and by the pound. o/t for this post maybe, but i have to say i disagree that it tastes the same as nearly fat-free ground turkey. IMHO, ground turkey has an "off," old poultry taste that requires a lot of seasoning or other ingredients to disguise. i wouldn't necessarily throw a 4% ground beef patty on the grill and expect a juicy, flavorful burger, but i definitely prefer it to turkey in things like meatloaf or meatballs.

        1. Folks, we've removed some off-topic responses. If you have tips to share on where to find superlean ground beef in the Los Angeles area, please share them here, but discussion of alternatives is off topic for this board. echoparkdirt, if you are looking for alternatives to superlean ground beef, please post a new query on the General Topics board. Thanks for helping us keep this board focused on where to find great chow locally.

          1. What are you going to use it for? Isn't something that lean for steak tartar? Go to a real butcher, i.e., Marconda's at the Farmer's Market (third and fairfax) and get some filet ground.

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              The butchers at Vicente foods will custom-grind any cut of beef you wish.