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May 15, 2007 04:57 PM

cheap eats in Manhattan - $10 and under

My friend and I are travelling around america in the summer and as we are borh students we need to keep it as cheap as possible. We are looking for places to eat, both lunch as dinner, both to go and to eat in, that will cost us $12 and under. We would particularly be interested in eat in places on an evening. Also, these places would need to be central as we are relying on public transport. We are not particularly fussed about the type of food, pizza, pasta, hot dogs, etc would be fine. We would also like to know where the best coffe shops are and their prices. Thanks

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    1. Yes, you can and should do some searches, but here are some suggestions that come quickly to mind:

      Burger Joint, or Shake Shack (in nice weather) for burgers. Avoid both places at peak meal times, because they are both wildly popular

      Head to Chinatown--$10 will go far at New Green Bo, Jing Fong (for dim sum) and lots of other places; for noshing on street there are many places that offer 5 dumplings for $1 including Tasty Dumpling on Allen Street and Dumpling House on Eldridge

      The sandwiches at the Spanish gourmet shop Despana feature their delicious cured meats (mostly) and are delicious--and around $8.

      For Mexican, there are two places on 10th Avenue and 47th street, that offer tacos and more

      Polish style food at Teresa's in the East Village is tasty, and quite filling

      It's not really a coffee shop, but I like the Donut Pub on 14th and 7th avenue, for donuts and coffee at the counter

      You get the idea: you can and will eat well here for not that much.

      1. Try momofuku or mee noodles for japanese noodles and steamed pork buns.

        1. There was a recent post (04/17) called "Current Favorite Dish/Item for Less than $10? ". This should have pretty much everything that you can get.

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            second on that list, probably 1000 choices on that particular thread.

          2. gray's papaya , mike's papaya , papaya king, papaya dog. most of them will serve 2 tasty hotdogs and a papaya drink for under 4.

            Do a search for ramen. Most will run you under 10 bucks for a bowl of ramen. Menchenko tei , sapporo, men kui tei etc..

            spanish american cafeteria style food tends to run under 10 bucks too like the margon restaurant which is only open only for lunch. They have fairly tasty cuban sandwich.

            the golden krust chain offers low priced jamaican meat patties for a couple of dollars. Entrees with rice will run you near 10 dollars.

            kati roll chain has pretty good indian style rolls. 4 -5 bucks each. you probably need to eat 2 get full.

            Starbucks has killed most local coffee shops but you can sit in one for hours without anyone bothering you. I suggest the starbucks in barnes and nobles or the seattles best in borders books, that way you can look at their travel books and plan. Macdougal street seems to have a string of dessert/coffee shops. Kind of pricey for desserts and its touristy too.

            Like the other users said 10 bucks in chinatown goes far. Chinese bakeries will sell you a variety of meat buns for 70 cents or under. The most popular bun is the roast pork bun. Mei lei wah bakery seems popular for roast pork buns even though I think its too fatty. No clue why people buy em by the dozen. 2 -3 meat buns should get you full. Meat buns keep extremely well so you can store em and eat em later. Look for something called the egg tart too in the bakeries.

            You probably can have dinner in chinatown everyday to save money and not get bored as there are a variety of cuisines down there.

            Vietnamese food - for lunch or dinner you can get something called a vietnamese sandwich or banh mi for 4 dollars or under.
            You can get tasty beef noodle soup with weird stuff (tendons, navel, tripe etc.. ) called pho for 6 bucks or under. You can order it without the weirdstuff too.
            You can get lemongrass grilled beef,pork, chicken with rice for like 6 dollars.
            Order some spring rolls for appetizers

            Malaysian - most with rice dishes are around 6 dollars. ie. hainanese chicken rice, beef rendang n rice. nyonya and penang are popular restaurants.

            Cantonese style chinese - hit noodletown or big wong. Get roast duck with rice, roast pork with rice, soy chicken n rice or wonton noodle soup (you can also combine the meats too like roast duck n roast pork n rice, or roast pork n wonton noodle soup) around 4 -5 dollars.

            Shanghainese - new green bo as some other user mentioned. The crab meat n pork soup dumplings for 6 - 7 bucks can be eaten like a meal instead of an appetizer.

            hong kong style food - xo kitchen . they sell stuff like baked spaghetti with cream sauce (portuguese sauce) and other stuff like it if you desire to eat stuff like that. (its nothing like italian food aside from the noodles)

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              Don't forget banh mi Vietnamese sandwiches. These are simple but tasty sandwiches with French bagette bread and meat and veggies inside, usually $3-4. I'd recommend the BBQ Pork Banh Mi at Pho Saigon in Chinatown on Bowery just south of Canal.