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May 15, 2007 04:51 PM

cheap eats in Florida, Kissimmee/Universal/Disney/Discovery areas

We will be travelling in America in the summer, and will spend 10 days in Orlando at the beginning of September. We are students so looking to keep things as cheap as possible. Can anyone reccomend some cheap places to eat, approx $12 and under for a meal, ranging from lunchtime sandwiches or hotdogs to restaurant meals of pasta, pizza, american style etc. We will be travelling by public transport so the closer to the attractions the better. We will be visiting sea world, universal studios, disney, water parks, busch gardens, discovey cove, etc. Any insiders tips on deals on certain days, etc would be great. Thanks

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  1. When in Sea World eat at the Bush hospitality center. It is the best value in the park The shaved meat sandwiches are really big (you could share) and the beer in the hospitality center is free. Other tips are to purchase snacks and bring them into the parks with you

    1. if where you're staying has a kitchen (or even just a microwave and a fridge) you can stock up on snacks, sandwich fixings, and breakfast foods -- that'll save you a bundle.

      luckily, the attractions areas are filled with family friendly priced chains, you should be able to throw a rock and hit a sandwich, pizza place ;0)

      you might find these sites helpful in paring down your choices: (you can search by area, cuisine, price range, etc etc)

      1. sweet tomatoes on international drive -

        Also Maggiano's you can order the full platters and share

        For inside disney, counter service is your best bet.
        You can order a double hamburger and share.
        There is a buffet in Disney at fort wildnerness called Trails end
        also a sort of cafeteria at the Dolphin called Picabu -