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May 15, 2007 04:40 PM

Best Maryland Crabcakes: Lake Worth to Delray?

I am looking for the real thing, a crabcake made with chunks of crabmeat and very little filler. I'm from Maryland and I am homesick. Help!

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  1. Shore restaurant S. Ocean Drive in Delray Beach. Poached eggs on two awesome crabcakes from the breakfast menu. Go during the week when it is quiet and you can sit outside, see the ocean and enjoy the food,

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      I tried the crabcakes and these just didn't have what real Maryland crabcakes have-- lots of crab meat with very little filler. These were mostly filler with no detectable pieces of crab meat that I could find. Poached eggs on top of crab-flavored filler sounds ok, though. Just not a real Maryland crabcake.

    2. Thanks. That's just one town away. I'll try it.

      1. Dubliner in Mizner Park.
        Seasons 52 has a nice lump crab salad.

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          I was born and still live in Baltimore. My boyfriend lives in Palm Beach and we have been searching for good crab cakes in South Florida for at least two years. We've tried "supposed" Maryland style crab cakes in multiple places and haven't found any (including the ones at the Dubliner) that come close to comparing until about two weeks ago thanks to

          There is a little bar in the Plaza Le Mer shopping center off of Donald Ross in Juno Beach called Kirby's that has the best "Maryland Style" crab cakes I've had in South Florida. The owner also owns a Kirby's rest/bar in Ocean City Maryland. The place has a real neighborhood/locals vibe which is where you usually find the good crab cakes in Maryland too. (Get a 1/2 price gift certificate on

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            I am also originally from Baltimore, hon. The cakes at Dubliner are made with lump meat and are very good. That's basically what the poster was requesting, cakes with "very little filler". The only reason they aren't TRULY Maryland style is the lack of Old Bay. As far as Maryland-style steam crabs, ALL of the restaurants in South Florida that claim "Maryland style" simply steam crabs with little or no seasoning (certainly not Old Bay), put them on a tray and then pour Old Bay on top. You have been warned....

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              I moved from Baltimore 13 years ago, I've tried every type of "chesapeake" or "maryland style" crab cake in FL in hopes of finding something to satisfy my crabcake craving. At best I've had is decent (houston's) and I've paid a premium for "awful" ones, so I just don't bother anymore.

              I order from G&M's and chesapeake gourmet (colossal size) Both come very well packaged. I think you can buy the CB through QVC for a bit cheaper.

              I make it back to MD a few times a year and the first thing I eat is a real crabcake. :) The shipped ones hold up in the freezer well and are saved for "special" occasions. Good luck and please post back if you find a decent crab cake!!!

        2. I live on Merritt Island, surrounded by the Indian River to the west and the Banana River to the east. Once upon a time, the whole of the Indian River Lagoon was doted with crab traps. We had a crab processing facility just down the road where you could buy fresh from crabber tubs of lump.

          Due to the influx of development and the inevitable pollution caused by construction along the lagoon, the crab industry in East Central Florida has collapsed. Because of greed and lack of control on planning, we've lost our clams, oysters, and crabs.

          Restaurants down here now cater almost exclusively to tourists and coupon-toting early birders. There are no real good crab cakes to be found.

          Every couple of years, the wife and I drive up north to visit the South, where you can still get good crab cakes along the low country.

          1. howley's restaurant at 4700 s. dixie hwy. seriously. awesome.